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Halting the Cloud Brain Drain

We analyzed course consumption of more than 100,000 course components across tens of thousands of users to find out just how much cloud learning usage helps employees retain talent. See how much longer employees stay if they—and their employers—invest extra time in cloud learning.

How to retain key talent

Retaining key talent is one of the most complex problems any organization faces. They have to ensure their employees both feel valued and are growing within the company. Providing learning opportunities is one way to do that, but it doesn’t stop with a login to a cloud learning platform. See how employers are investing time and resources to build their team’s skills—and keep them aboard.

See what happens when you empower employees to learn

Learn how:

  • How much longer employees stay if they complete training in various cloud technologies.
  • What’s most important when it comes to investing in employee growth.
  • Why the certification isn’t the end of the story

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