Black Lives Matter
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Sam Kroonenburg
Sam Kroonenburg

Over the past few weeks, we’ve witnessed some incredibly disturbing events in the US. 

We’ve heard harrowing stories about the entrenched racism that’s experienced by the Black community and we’ve witnessed violence against protesters who are fighting to be heard. 

This is forcing people everywhere to address these issues head-on, take a stand, and create change in the world.

Ryan and I started A Cloud Guru because we believe in a level playing field for everyone in life. Education is one of the biggest enablers of opportunity and success. We believe it’s the greatest gift you can give someone.

Our community is full of stories from those who’ve encountered roadblocks to their education. Racial inequality, socioeconomic and geographic circumstances all make it hard to access the kinds of education available to those more privileged. If you have to work long hours just to survive, then both the time and money needed to access a traditional education are out of reach. With ACG, we set out to build something that removes these barriers – and gives everyone access to the same educational opportunities. Accessible, affordable, and universal.

It’s the responsibility of all who believe in a fair and just society to speak out when we see equality and opportunity being quashed. At A Cloud Guru, we commit to using our voice and our platform to stand for those who are being mistreated or silenced. As a society, we shouldn’t let politics divide us and prevent change. However, this is more than politics. This is too important, too fundamental. This is a test of basic human rights and human decency.

Racism should have no place in our workplaces, in our communities, or our society, period. The systemic oppression of Black lives by our governments and institutions needs to end, and we have a responsibility to play a part in driving that change. 

It’s time for everyone to say it out loud — Black Lives Matter.

I know that many out there are concerned about empty statements. I’ve been honestly torn about whether to make a public statement on this matter, right now. That’s simply because I value action alongside words, and would prefer to announce our stance alongside clear and meaningful programs. But these programs will take some weeks to build and implement.

In talking with our staff and listening to their perspectives, I realized that this is a unique moment in time. Now is the time to show solidarity and voice our support for those who are being oppressed. And now is the time to commit to real change in the coming weeks and months.

We will use our platform to enact meaningful change. We are working on programs designed to make a real difference, both in the community and internally within ACG. 

As an example – we’re exploring partnership opportunities to provide students from the Black community facing adversity with free access to high-quality tech education. The tech industry has a diversity problem and we specialize in helping people join this exciting and rewarding industry. Tech must be far more representative of our diverse, modern society and our platform can be part of the solution. 

We’re also turning the lens internally. We’re going to be reviewing all of our policies, training, hiring processes, and ways of working to help address unconscious biases that exist within our company today. We want ACG to be an environment that’s truly inclusive at every stage of our candidates and employee’s journeys. 

Access to opportunity, equity, and inclusion are at the very heart of A Cloud Guru’s purpose. Together, we can stand up for these principles and do the right thing. We will work tirelessly to play our part in creating a brighter future for every person in our society, regardless of their circumstance. And we will stand against racism and oppression, always.

Sam Kroonenburg

CEO & Founder


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