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What’s new at A Cloud Guru | August 2019

Danielle Bechtel
Danielle Bechtel

The month of new content! New courses on security, serverless, and Kubernetes, multiple Google Cloud labs, and ACG for Business gets a brand new Reporting API.

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New This Month

New course: Practical Event-Driven Security with AWS

Deploying applications in the cloud doesn’t have to be scary. There are plenty of ways to closely monitor what’s going on in your AWS account. Sometimes you just need to know where to start. It’s not always clear if you’re setting things up properly or using best practices for security standards.

What’s awesome about this course: ACG Instructor Alex Higgins leads you down the rabbit hole, first with a short into to a security service, and then with a deep dive into setting up the service. It’s all hands-on experience, because that’s how you learn how to actually cloud.

Become a security guru >

New course: Rapidly Deploying IPv6 on AWS

If you’re building applications and services in AWS IaaS, you’ll want your public web, mobile and IoT applications to be accessible to the broadest internet population with an abundance of globally-unique addresses. In this course, instructor Scott Hogg gives you all the tools you need to understand the basics of IPv6, the Internet Protocol’s latest iteration, and exactly how it can work with IPv4.

What’s awesome about this course: You get a set of CloudFormation Templates already built for you to automate the configuration of IPv6 infrastructure to rapidly deploy dual-protocol AWS environments!

Master internet protocol >


ACG Project: Create a Serverless, Calorie-Free Fortune Cookie

Harness the power of cutting-edge serverless technologies like S3, DynamoDB, API Gateway, Lambda, Cloudfront, and Cognito to build the world’s first serverless, calorie-free fortune cookie generator. Faye Ellis will help you to rise to the top every time, showing you how to use AWS X-Ray to debug your application whenever it falls over!

Get cooking >

Disclaimer: Serverless fortune cookies may not provide an accurate prediction of what your future will look like.


ACG Project: How Cute is that Doggy in the Window? Google’s AutoML Vision in Action

Don’t know your Dachshunds from your Dobermans? Google’s AutoML Vision is here to save you from future dog breed identification faux paws! In this ACG Project, Daniel Bourke shows how to build an image classification model and train it to predict a dog’s breed from a photo. We’ll do this by uploading images to Google Cloud Storage and then building the model using the AutoML Vision service. Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks!

Go to the episode >

fireside-tibi-covaci (1)

Tibi Covaci: The secret to successful cloud migration

Microsoft Regional Director Tibi Covaci explains why cloud migration is critical for staying up to date, and suggests strategies for migrating infrastructure to the cloud using Microsoft Azure.

Listen to the chat >


Scott Hanselman: The influential impact of open-source

One of the world’s most loved and followed developers, Scott Hanselman, talks open-source and how this global, shared code movement is changing the world. He explains how Microsoft has embraced open-source and is making it an integral part of the company culture. Scott and Lars also discuss how easy it has become to learn to program with modern technologies through this community involvement.

Listen to the chat >


Kubernetes This Month: Happy birthday Kubernetes!

Kubernetes turned 5 on June 6th, which just goes to show that time flies when you’re having fun. In the quick catch-up segment of this episode of Kubernetes This Month, we discuss news such as KubeCon and CloudNativeCon in China, the release of Minikube 1.2, Apple becoming the 18th platinum member of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation and the Certified Kubernetes Administrator’s extended certification validity period. We then dive deep into Kubernetes 1.15 and what it means for you; the release of HA Proxy 2.0; and the exciting new public preview of Docker Desktop leveraging Windows Subsystem for Linux on Windows 10. Finally, we announce our inaugural winner of Kubernetes This Month and post our new challenge question for the month!

Stay up-to-date with Kubernetes >


DeepRacer, Episode #103

Get behind the wheel this month as we learn how to train your DeepRacer. Scott Pletcher takes the lead and teaches us about the Markov Decision Process and how it can help develop your first reward function. When you’re ready to start training your first model, Scott will also guide you through your training options; SageMaker or the DeepRacer Console. He even shares the very same reward function that helped him score big at the AWS Summit, so you can really put your pedal to the metal.

Learn DeepRacer >

New ACG For Business Feature

API BetaReporting API now available in your admin portal

Set it and forget it! The ACG Reporting API lets you retrieve student learning data via an API without logging into the product. This is a game changer for larger organizations, who can now pull learning progress from the ACG platform and incorporate it into their internal Business Intelligence reporting tools.

Learn more about ACG for Business >


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