Using Cloud Endure For Migration
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Using Cloud Endure for Migration

Eric Frick
Eric Frick

As more and more organizations migrate applications and services to the cloud migration of services is becoming more critical to organizations so they can accelerate moving on-premise services to the cloud.   Many organizations that have migrated services the cloud have started building new projects in the cloud and have not migrated many on-premise services that are still running in their own data centers. In the past, the migration of virtual machines could be a very complicated process and required significant expertise for on-premise personnel to migrate existing virtual machines to the cloud.

Cloud Endure Service

Fortunately, over the last several years the tools have become much better, and there are now several dedicated service providers that specialize in migrating on-premise virtual machines to the cloud. One of these providers is the Cloud Endure service. Let’s look at some of the details and advantages of using a service like Cloud Endure to migrate virtual machines to the cloud.  In particular, in this article, we will review the high-level process of migrating a virtual machine to the Google Cloud Platform.

Migrating a Virtual Machine to the Google Cloud Platform

The Google Cloud Platform (GCP)  offers the use of the Cloud Endure service free of charge for their existing customers. You do not have to pay for the migration service itself, but you won’t have to pay for the runtime of the virtual machine migration process is complete from on-premise to the cloud.The Cloud Service operates with an agent-based technology and allows for the migration of live running machines. This agent is available for both Windows and Linux operating systems (look at the detailed list of supported platforms here).To use the cloud migration service, you will have to generate a service account within GCP as well as an associated Service key that you will need to download to your virtual machine to allow the service to function properly. After you’ve set up the proper credentials, you will download and install the agent on your target machine on-premise and enable the correct keys.   Following that, you will start up the migration agent, and the migration to the Google Cloud platform will begin. The progress of your migration is tracked in an online portal within the Google Cloud platform so you can visually see the progress of the migration as well as any problems that might happen during the migration.Once the migration is complete the virtual machine is launched in a  sandbox where you can test your virtual machine before putting the machine into production. Once this testing is complete the last step of the process will then place the test virtual instance into your production area. The following figure outlines the architecture of the cloud in during migration process Within GCP:Cloud Endure

Master Migration Checklist

The process of migrating virtual machines with Cloud endure to the Google Cloud platform is very flexible and is easy to get up and going right away. Also with this approach, you can rehearse migrations multiple times to make sure that everything is successful before doing a production cutover. In an Introduction to Migrating Databases and Virtual Machines to Google Cloud Platform, walk through this process in detail and get hands-on with migrations to other Google Cloud platform services such as Cloud SQL. As part of the resources from this course, you can also download a master migration checklist that will help you plan many of the details for when you are migrating on-premise services to the cloud.

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