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The Path To GCP Certification

Matthew Ulasien
Matthew Ulasien

Are you looking to learn more about Google Cloud? Do you want to find out what it takes to become Google Cloud Certified? Whether you’re starting out as an absolute beginner or have previous experience with other cloud services, these resources will help you reach your goals, faster. And while there are a number of both free and paid services to take you from zero to Google Cloud Hero, these are what I personally recommend and I have benefitted from the most.

Free Resources From Google

Starting with free resources, my top picks are to visit GCP’s official blog and their YouTube channel, which has tons of lessons and tutorials.

Blog | News, Features and Announcements

Google Cloud Platform

Additionally, you can find many tutorials on Google’s Codelabs site and the GCP community site:

Google Codelabs

Google Cloud Platform Community

To practice these tutorials on your own, you will either need to sign up for a free trial GCP account, or use an existing organization account (if you have access to one). It’s a great place to start your GCP learning journey.

Time to Level Up

Now, if you’re REALLY serious about taking your training to the next level and getting Google Cloud Certified, your best bet is to explore the training options at both Linux Academy and A Cloud Guru. Hands down, both sites are THE gold standard for Google Cloud training, as well as training on Linux, other cloud platforms, DevOps, and much more. Here are a few ‘Get Started’ and popular certification links to get you going:

Google Cloud Essentials: Course: Google Cloud Essentials

Introduction to Google Cloud Platform: Introduction to Google Cloud Platform

GCP Cloud Architect preparation (the most popular GCP certification!):

Course: Google Certified Professional Cloud Architect

Google Certified Professional Cloud Architect 2020

Other Community Resources

But that’s not all. There are also a number of other community resources (both free and paid), that I highly recommend.

GCP fanatic Ammet Williams has a series of amazing and free GCP exam study guides: 


If a traditional book-study method works best for you, Dan Sullivan has published a series of books preparing for several GCP certifications: https://www.amazon.com/Dan-Sullivan/e/B001IXSA1Y/ref=dp_byline_cont_book_1

Whichever route you choose, I’m excited to hear of continued interest in learning more about Google Cloud, and can’t wait to hear of your success!

Find even more resources for continuous learning in your free trial of A Cloud Guru.

Matthew is a 20+ year veteran of the IT industry, Google Cloud fanatic, and (currently) holds 5 GCP certifications.


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