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Azure IoT Developer in beta: A new cert has appeared!

Lars Klint
Lars Klint

We’re barely into 2020, and the year has already been a wild ride for Azure. There’s drama around the Pentagon’s $10-billion JEDI contract, a metric boatload of upcoming Azure exam changes, and Microsoft is hatching a brand-new baby Azure certification.

The new Microsoft Certified: Azure IoT Developer Specialty certification is for Azure-fluent developers looking to get into IoT or IoT devs who want to get into Azure. The associated exam, the AZ-220, is now out in the wild as a beta.

The Azure IoT Developer Specialty is the first cloud IoT developer certification from the big three cloud providers. It tells the world, “World, I can implement the Azure services that form an IoT solution!” There are no official prerequisites for the exam, but you’ll need to understand the ins and outs of IoT and be fluent in one Azure-supported language, including C#, Node, C, or Python.

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Azure success in the cloud

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Why might you seek the IoT Developer cert? Maybe you’re an Azure trailblazer or completionist eager to call “first!” Or, more likely, because you know the demand for IoT skills is on the rise. Around 80% of IT decision-makers report a lack of skills in the “hands-on delivery of IoT solutions” needed to ensure solutions work as intended. If that’s the case now during the early-ish days of IoT, we can assume the need for IoT talent (and your popularity with recruiters) will only go up with the rising number of connected devices predicted going forward.

Like all Azure certifications, this one is role-based. Microsoft says this is for developers who can implement the Azure services that form an IoT solution, including data analysis, data processing, data storage options, and PaaS options. Sound like you? Your exam awaits!

This is the 11th Azure certification and the second Specialty-level Azure cert. It follows the first-of-its-name Azure Specialty cert, the Azure for SAP Workloads Specialty certification announced late in 2019. The Azure for SAP Workloads Specialty cert is for admins and architects in the weeds of planning and administering SAP workloads to be hosted in Microsoft Azure.

The certs they are a-changin’

If there’s ever been a sure bet, it’s that there will likely be more changes coming from Microsoft Azure in 2020. Stay tuned to the ACG series Azure This Week to keep tabs on the latest Azure news. And pick the brains of the brainiest Azure pros in the biz with Azure Fireside Chats. Keep being awesome, Azure gurus!


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