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ACG for Business adds Sandbox Environments

Ryan Kroonenburg
Ryan Kroonenburg

You asked for it. We listened. A Cloud Guru is adding AWS Sandbox Environments for ACG for Business members. 

Learn by doing (not risking your business)

Hands-on experience is pretty much mandatory in learning to cloud. But for organizations training their people, this can be tricky.

Provisioning cloud environments is heavy lifting for administrators, especially at any kind of scale. Besides spinning them up, there’s the work of keeping tabs on access and the cost these accounts can rack up – a potentially pricey problem when learners get too far off the beaten path or forget to turn off instances. (Oops.) It can all prove to be a major PITA (Pain in the Admin). That’s why A Cloud Guru has introduced AWS Sandbox Environments for ACG for Business members.

Start a Sandbox Session

Dig into cloud learning with Sandbox Environments

Our Sandbox Environments are fully functional AWS test environments that are secure and stable. They simplify things for ACG for Business members, offering risk-free learning by doing for your people without exposing production environments.

No surprise costs

The only thing worse than bills is unexpected bills. Businesses whose people are learning to cloud can be blindsided by the costs their accounts may incur. Our Sandbox Environments shut down automatically after two hours and aren’t tied to your business’s billing in any way. All costs are included with your ACG for Business membership. Think of it as the helmet your cloud learners need when they’re still on training wheels.

No risks 

Letting cloud newcomers sharpen their skills in your cloud environment is like giving a toddler garden shears to play hairdresser. Our Sandbox Environments are identical to real-world AWS environments, but they’re basically impossible to break. They give your teams a risk-free hands-on way to cement their cloud learnings in a safe, secure environment.

No setup

Provisioning test environments is a timesuck for administrators. ACG’s Sandbox Environments are 100% automated and managed by A Cloud Guru. With one click, students are in. They just work – so admins are free to do their work.

Sandboxes are first being rolled out for use in Hands-On Labs in our most popular courses but will be added to all AWS courses in the near future.

With ACG for Business’s AWS Sandbox Environments, your organization has a safe place for cloud learners to dig into AWS and learn by doing. Mash the button below to learn more about ACG for Business and set up a time to chat with one of our gurus about how we can help your organization cloud better.


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