ACG Business Justification Letter
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ACG Business Justification Letter

Drew Firment
Drew Firment


Do you need some help working with your decision makers to justify a purchase of A Cloud Guru for your organization?  No worries!  We’ve created a business case letter for you to share which outlines the value of purchasing an A Cloud Guru membership for your teams so you can get started today



Re:  A Cloud Guru membership 

The adoption of cloud computing is one of our organization’s top priorities, and cloud education is essential to enabling our transition. To achieve the outcomes defined in our overall business case for cloud migrations, please consider approving the purchase of our business membership to A Cloud Guru — the premier training platform for cloud computing used by over 800,000 students in 180 countries.

Purchasing a membership to A Cloud Guru will provide our organization the following benefits:

  • Common Language. Cloud is a culture with its own language and mindset. A Cloud Guru ensures that our teams are trained using a common knowledge base and shared understanding of cloud computing so we can start working together more effectively.
  • Operational Efficiency. As more individuals become cloud fluent through training and certification courses, our teams begin leveraging standard approaches and patterns— which results in lower operational costs and higher-quality implementations.
  • Sustained Transition.  As the technologies behind cloud computing change rapidly, we are under more and more pressure to keep pace and stay relevant in today’s marketplace.  A Cloud Guru continuously produces new courses and keeps existing content up-to-date, so our teams can leverage a curriculum that accurately reflects the latest in cloud computing. 

Cost Comparison

While some legacy companies are still using traditional instructor-led training (ILT), this approach doesn’t effectively scale to meet our increasing demand. Instructor-led training is costly, difficult to keep current, and often fails to deliver results. 

  • The basic costs for an individual to attend a 3-day on-site cloud computing course is $1,950.  To deliver this course to 500 staff members, our total cost would be $975,000.  This cost doesn’t even include the venue and administrative costs required to deliver 20 sessions, nor the lost opportunity costs and time when our staff is away from their desks. 
  • A team membership to A Cloud Guru would save us nearly 75% in training costs.  Each of the 500 staff members would have a full access to their entire up-to-date library of online cloud curriculum that’s available anytime, anywhere, on any device — for only $495 per individual for an entire year of on-demand content and industry-leading courses.

The success of our cloud adoption and migrations comes down to our investment in our people.  Thank you for considering the purchase of an A Cloud Guru membership to enable a sustainable transition to cloud computing. 


[Your Name]



Additional Benefits and FAQs

In addition to the cost savings and high return on investment of A Cloud Guru training, here are a few other common questions that highlight other key benefits for our organization:

  • What courses are available to members? A sustained transition to cloud computing requires an investment in continuous education that is beyond any single course, especially with today’s rapid pace of change.  A subscription to A Cloud Guru provides staff with full-access to the entire catalog that includes all nine AWS certification courses, deep dives on AWS services, plus member-only features that are not available with the purchase of individual courses.  
  • What other content is exclusive to members?  Examples of exclusive member-only content includes a set of regular episodes of AWS release reviews, a “how to” series on building fun projects, a set of episodes on AWS fundamentals, and executive-level digital transformation courses from industry experts. 
  • Besides full access to content for members, are there any additional features?  ACG also provides a comprehensive AWS Certification Prep Guide and an AWS Exam Simulator — a timed practice test that mimics the real AWS certification exams. With a business membership to A Cloud Guru, organizations also have the ability to track team progress with dashboards and utilization reporting. In addition, business members have access to study groups and our accelerator program designed to build and sustain AWS learning communities.  
  • How can I track the number of certifications earned by our organization?  After earning a certification, users can upload the PDF to their profile and the ACG platform will automatically register the certification.  As part of the team reporting, we’ll be able to track and report on the total number of certifications we’ve earned without any extra effort. 
  • How often are courses updated?  A Cloud Guru launch new content weekly, and record new content daily.  ACG is constantly in the studio updating existing content to stay current with the latest releases. With cloud computing’s rapid pace of change, it’s important that your training is current, stays up-to-date, and delivered by industry experts.  
  • Will it cost extra to gain access to new courses?  During the subscription period, your membership includes immediate access to course updates, new content and features.  A Cloud Guru is constantly delivering new content for their members to keep current with the latest technologies.
  • Does ACG offer hands-on labs? Yes. ACG courses guide members through tutorials and hands-on labs on how to use major cloud services.  We encourage our students to leverage the available free tiers so they can get real-world experience with cost and controls to mitigate risks to organizations. 
  • What if we already have subscriptions to training sites?  ACG is led by industry experts, and provides high-quality courses delivered by leading practitioners who are invested in our success. Each course and instructor are curated to meet their high standards of excellence. We have the most up-to-date and engaging content on the market.
  • Can I purchase A Cloud Guru from the AWS Marketplace?  Many organizations are leveraging the AWS Marketplace to expedite the procurement of products and services.  A Cloud Guru can now be purchased directly from the AWS Marketplace so that you apply the purchase to your AWS bill and can get started immediately. 





Our cloud-based technology learning platform provides a comprehensive, up-to-date library of cloud education offerings for all skill levels, including certification courses, skills assessments, hands-on labs, a set of weekly technology-news series by industry experts, and management dashboards that track student progress.  A Cloud Guru is an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner, member of the AWS Public Sector Partner Program, and is available directly from the AWS Marketplace.

A Cloud Guru’s state-of-the-art learning management platform is developed by our in-house cloud engineers and powered by serverless — a technology that enables our content to effectively scale to more than 600,00 students in over 160 countries. Through our platform, we provide both businesses and individuals with the ability to stay current, stay relevant, and deliver results with cloud computing. 

Ryan and Sam Kroonenburg founded A Cloud Guru in 2015, and have since educated over 650,000 students in over 160 countries on cloud computing. To learn how A Cloud Guru can accelerate your team’s adoption of cloud computing, please visit



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