Accelerate your cloud adoption
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Accelerate Your Cloud Adoption

Drew Firment
Drew Firment

Change can be hard. Really hard. One oft-cited stat claims that fully 70% of business transformation projects fail. There are a ton of factors that can hobble any new initiative. Lack of buy-in. Lack of prioritization. Resistance to new tools. Constant shifts in direction. Institutional inertia. Good old fear of change. Whatever mix of factors are in play, they basically act as friction, slowing transformation down until it stalls out.

Cloud adoption is no different. There can be all manner of friction to work though, and it can be easy to fall back in the face of uncertainty, especially if the end goal is vague. “Moving to the cloud” isn’t a strategy.

It helps to think of cloud adoption, cloud migration, or any transformation, like a rocket launch:

  • You want to get from your current position to a stable orbit.
  • You have gravity and wind shear and air resistance trying to drag your rocket down.
  • If the payload is too heavy or the engines too weak, you won’t achieve escape velocity.
  • If the fuel tanks aren’t sealed properly, boom.
  • If you don’t have the physics worked out, you can undershoot your orbit and then watch as it degrades in slow motion.

So how do you ensure that your cloud adoption project can defy institutional gravity long enough to achieve escape velocity? Start with a defined goal and a quick win that you can use to build momentum.

Enter the ACG Accelerator Program.

Our Accelerator Program isn’t a full-blown cloud adoption strategy. It does one thing – get your teams cloud-ready – but it does that one thing very well. With the Accelerator Program, you can get everyone trained up to the same point, speaking the same language, and grasping the same opportunities.

Scale cloud onboarding. Fast.

The ACG Accelerator Program:

  • Uses a sprint-based, metrics-driven approach to get your teams cloud-ready in a way that’s easy to implement and easy to scale
  • Takes users through foundational cloud certification courses to create a common understanding of how the cloud works throughout your organization

So how does it work, exactly?

The Accelerator Program is a 4-10 week sprint-based program built to ensure not just compliance, but engagement and retention, especially in a team environment.

Getting started is a breeze. Just drop your teams into our Accelerator Program, and we handle the rest!

Each week, students will receive a lesson plan introducing them to a new corner of the cloud in preparation for passing an industry cloud certification exam. The plan includes exactly which lessons to watch, which labs to do, and which papers to read to master that week’s area of focus.

As an admin, you can also access engagement reporting, which lets you keep tabs on progress from an overall program level all the way down to individual learners. It’s like your own mission control, monitoring your rocket’s launch and letting you know which systems are green and which might need additional attention.

Achieving orbit

The ACG Accelerator Program is a great way to, well, accelerate your business’ journey to the cloud. It’s a great way to achieve escape velocity with a tangible, attainable goal. Getting your team cloud-ready, certified, and speaking a common cloud language can help you get past the institutional friction that can drag so many transformation projects back to earth.

Of course, this is not the end of the journey. It’s just the beginning. Once your teams have gone through the Accelerator Program and achieved a sustainable orbit, they can progress to the next stage of their journey with Learning Paths, which take students step-by-step from beginner to expert in specific domains like architecture, data science, and security.

With the Accelerator Program, you can onboard your teams to the cloud quickly, and plant the seed for an unstoppable learning culture, a perpetual knowledge machine that is faster to adopt cloud technologies, faster to innovate, and faster to bring new solutions to market.

Ready to get started with the ACG Accelerator Program? Just head to your dashboard and we’ll help you get up and running.

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We provide everything you need to level-up your team’s skills, establish a cloud culture, prepare your business for the future, and get the absolute most out of each and every license.


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