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Boost your Azure experience points with our broad, constantly-updated library of Azure training and courses. Just starting out? Check out our AZ-900 Azure Fundamentals course. Want to get certified? Dig into our prep courses for the most in-demand Azure certifications. Looking to skill up on specific technologies? Follow us down the rabbit hole with deep dives into specialty Microsoft Azure training topics like Serverless and Cosmos DB. Our Azure courses get you hands-on with the technology and our engaging instructors make it easy to stay motivated and keep moving.

Get Azure certified

An Azure certification can act as a power-up for your resume, helping you get your foot in the door to a cloud career or take the next step from your current role. For most learners, AZ-900 Azure Fundamentals or AZ-103 Azure Administrator are the ideal places to start your Azure certification journey.

Getting started with Azure Training

There’s a lot more to Azure than certs. We also offer deep dives into specialty Microsoft Azure training topics like Serverless, Cosmos DB, and Azure AD, as well as a super-accessible Intro to Azure course that’s perfect for newcomers.

A Cloud Guru offers hands-on Microsoft Azure training covering top-paying cloud certifications and the most in-demand Azure skills. Get an overview of Azure concepts, start down the path to Azure certification with our newcomer-friendly AZ-900 Azure Fundamentals course, learn to migrate servers to Azure, master tech skills like Python 3 Scripting for System Administrators, and more.

Wondering which Azure certification path is right for you? If you’re new to tech, the first stop on your Azure certification path is the AZ-900 Azure Fundamentals certification. If you have some experience with Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS), or Google Cloud (GCP), you might be ready for the Azure Administrator Associate

There’s no cloud know-how or Azure experience needed to start Azure training with A Cloud Guru. Our AZ-900 Azure Fundamentals certification course is 13 hours of accessible-to-all Azure training delivered with a splash of playfulness and plenty of hands-on learning that will help you build the skills you need to advance your Azure skills.

Whether you’re looking to make a job change and to land a high-paying cloud career or level up your existing Azure skills, A Cloud Guru’s Azure certification training courses will help you get certified and master the skills needed to get with Microsoft Azure.

Azure certification exams start at $99, but ACG’s Azure cloud training is free. Check out this month’s free courses or start a free trial to dig into our full catalog of training. You can also view our current promos to get training at a discount.

Whether you want to be an Azure Solutions Architect, an Azure IT administrator, or just be able to keep up with tech teams in your Azure-adopting organization, Azure credentials are some of the top-paying certifications out there.

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Azure is growing fast and adding new features and services all the time. Our dedicated cloud experts are here to help you keep pace with the latest and greatest.

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Whether it’s you or an entire team, A Cloud Guru’s learn-by-doing approach helps people develop tech skills faster and better.

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