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We’ve shown over 2.2 million learners and 
4,000+ organizations the way to cloud.

  • learners icon2.2M+ Learners
  • businesses icon4,000+ Businesses
  • Certification Icon100+ Certifications
  • Course Icon250+ Courses
  • Hands-on Labs1,500+ Hands-On Labs
  • Exam Icon450+ Quizzes and Exams

Our Vision

To enable anyone, anywhere to become a cloud guru and achieve a brighter future.

Ryan & Sam

Our Story

In 2015, two brothers from the Australian countryside decided to do things differently.

Frustrated by the expensive — and dull — cloud training options that existed at the time, Ryan Kroonenburg decided to make his own cloud training course. It was an instant success, and soon his brother Sam was holed up during a family vacation, building the first version of A Cloud Guru on a completely serverless architecture in just four weeks.

Since those humble beginnings, we’ve grown a tiny bit. One barebones course has become hundreds of courses and thousands of labs, supported with interactive quizzes and the learn-by-doing awesomeness of Cloud Playground. Our team’s exploded from two to 400+, and we’ve shown over 2.2 million learners and over 4,000 organizations the way to cloud.

And we’re just getting started.

G2 Leader Enterprise Summer 2020
G2 Higher Performer Summer 2020
G2 High Performer Mid-Market Summer 2020
G2 Leader Summer 2020
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Our secret sauce is our people — but not like in a Soylent Green way. Who we work with is as important as what we do.

That’s why we look for people good at their work and awesome to work with. The humble hand-raisers and high-fivers. The mega-doers, not micro-managers.

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The universe may be a simulation, but Cloud Playground is 100% real. It makes it easy and safe to learn by doing. Learn faster. Learn deeper. Learn by doing. Only with ACG.

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