GCP This Month

VMware on GCP, new Spinnaker Solution and Pricing Changes

Episode description

In this episode, our host Mattias Andersson spins a tale about the new Spinnaker GCP Solution, delivers an epic about AMD’s second-generation EPYC processors coming to GCP, and gives us an update on Google’s trilogy of machine type families. We’ll then turn our eye to the new GKE and GCE security scanning, cover new support for SQL Server, and take a look at federated query support from BigQuery to Cloud SQL. In our GCP Gems segment we discuss VMware on GCP, context-aware access with Cloud IAP, and a good news/bad news bit about pricing. Finally, we finish up with our announcement of our Guru of the Month winner!


VMware comes to GCP:

Cloud IAP:


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Series description

Welcome to GCP This Month! We've created this new show to let you all know about the awesome news, happenings, events and analysis on what Google is doing in the cloud space.In each episode, join our hosts Mattias Andersson and Tim Berry as they go through GCP quick bites to give you rapid-fire updates on various releases. We'll then move into the GCP Gems segment, and mention ACG's hand-picked releases from GCP, which are the releases we've found to be most interesting. We'll then finish up with any other notable news from Google or GCP. Finally, we'll end off with our GCP edition of Guru of the Month!

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