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GCP This Month: Troubleshoot VMs faster with UI-based Compute Engine tools

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Broadus Palmer is back with biggest Google Cloud news updates. This month, the Google Cloud Startup Summit is coming, and the PubSub to Splunk Dataflow template gets a slew of updates. We take a look at the new API for Storage Transfer Service helping you transfer large amounts of data up to Cloud Storage, and you can now troubleshoot VMs even easier with new “in context” Compute Engine tools and visualizations to gain further insights into common CPU, disk, and networking issues.

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Quick jump to the Google Cloud Platform news:
Introduction (0:00)
Google Cloud Startup Summit is here (0:27)
PubSub to Splunk Dataflow template gets updates (0:59)
Storage Transfer Service for on-premises data API (1:57)
Compute Engine “in context” UI-based tools now GA (2:43)

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Series description

Welcome to GCP This Month! We've created this new show to let you all know about the awesome news, happenings, events and analysis on what Google is doing in the cloud space.In each episode, join our hosts Mattias Andersson and Tim Berry as they go through GCP quick bites to give you rapid-fire updates on various releases. We'll then move into the GCP Gems segment, and mention ACG's hand-picked releases from GCP, which are the releases we've found to be most interesting. We'll then finish up with any other notable news from Google or GCP. Finally, we'll end off with our GCP edition of Guru of the Month!

Hi, I'm Broadus Palmer, and this is GCP This Month, where we will round up and discuss the latest news on the Google cloud platform. Now, in this episode, we'll be covering the Google cloud startup summit, the storage transfer service for on-premise data API and more. So sit back and enjoy this episode of GCP this month. [inaudible] We're going to start off with our quick bites segment. The Google cloud startup summit is here.

The Google cloud startup summit is an online event dedicated to the startup ecosystem. Everything from advice and learning from startup gurus to expert sessions and discussions all in one event. How about that? Now live on September 9th. The event seems to be catered to the US, Canada, Europe, middle east, and Africa. So this is something that you don't want to miss. Now you can head to cloudonair.withgoogle.com right now, and register to stay up to date As Google reveals more news as we get closer to the live date. Last year,

Google launched a data flow template to stream data to Splunk So customers can easily export cloud logs and events to Splunk, whether it's to their enterprise or Splunk cloud. Now Splunk cloud is a platform that helps you scale your business data analytics needs while retaining security by design. Now they have updated this amazing service a list of the updated features are automatic logs parsing with improved capability with Splunk add on for GCP. Now this allows the admin to collect GCP platform events, logs, performance metrics and billing data. More extensibility with user-defined function for customer transforms and reliability and fault tolerance enhancement, more specifically more reliability and error handling, which improves pipeline fault tolerance and provides a simplified data flow operated troubleshooting experience. Now that's it for our GCP quick bites,

let's dig into our GCP gems for this month. Looks like GCP has found an even better way to help with transfer of large amounts of data straight to the cloud with the storage transfer service for on-premise API. Now, this is now available in preview. Now this service is suited for customers like companies who run huge data centers, and that are moving billions of files and hundreds of terabytes of data in a single transfer. It can scale network connections in the tens of gigabytes per second. Now this works by using an agent, which is a software that GCP provides in the form of a Docker container for on-premise transfers that access your mountain NFS data.

Now GCP allows you to use storage transfer service, to transfer straight into a cloud storage bucket. Now, we hope to hear more about this amazing service as we move towards general availability. Now, understanding more about your VMs can allow you to troubleshoot and reach a resolution faster right? Now, this is why GCP has moved their in context, set of UI based tools for compute engine to general availability. Now, by bringing more operations data to your VM, Google cloud aims to take away the tedious navigating between different tools to find the answers you need to perform root cause analysis. In here in one place, you have a variety of new visualizations on the compute engine page.

Now whether it's identifying network changes to your logs or measuring and tuning memory performance, GCP is now giving you a set of prebuilt visualizations designed to give you insights into common scenarios and issues associated with the CPU, disk, memory networking, and live processes, you can check more info out at Google next 2021 virtual event. Now that's all we have for this month's Google cloud platform releases. Tune in to next month's video As we have more awesome releases from GCP. My name is Broadus Palmer, and this has been GCP this month.

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