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It’s Lars Klint! Back with your weekly Azure news. Or is it Oracle news? After Oracle Interconnect, we now have Oracle Database Service for Azure – the next step in multicloud for some. We also take a look at the new Azure Space Partner Community, including companies like SpaceX and Nokia. Finally live resizing for Azure disk storage is now GA. Oh, and try our free Azure security course:

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3:32 Live resize for Azure disk storage GA

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Azure This Week is your weekly news roundup for all things Azure. Join our expert hosts as they cover everything you need to know about the past week’s developments, keeping it short, fun and informative. Whether you’re just beginning your cloud journey, or you know your stuff, there’s something for everyone!

Welcome to Oracle This Week, a show  all about Oracle cloud infrastructure.   Wait that isn't right, is it? Anyway,  this week, Oracle comes to Azure.   There's a new Space Partner Community program,  and some live resizing of hard drives on the go.   I am Lars Klint and you are watching a show  made from 92% recycled cloud storage accounts. For the past three years, you've been able to  use the Oracle Interconnect for Microsoft Azure   to transfer data between Microsoft's cloud  and Oracle's cloud infrastructure. Now,  

this was a step towards a multi-cloud setup  for some people, and it played well into   the slowness of the teleprompter. Now this was a  step towards a multi-cloud setup for some people,   and it played well into the idea of having Azure  as part of more enterprise infrastructures. This   week, the next level in that partnership was  announced with the general availability of Oracle   Database Service for Azure. The Oracle  Database Service for Azure builds upon   the core capabilities of the Oracle Interconnect  for Azure, and promises to more easily integrate   workloads on Microsoft Azure with Oracle  Database Services on OCI. In addition,   there are no charges for using the Oracle  Databases Service for Microsoft Azure, the Oracle   Interconnect for Microsoft Azure, or data egress  or ingress when moving data between OCI and Azure.

Yeah, something free from Oracle is a rare  thing. You'll pay only for the other Azure   or Oracle services that you consume, such as  Azure Synapse or Oracle Autonomous Database.   There's a whole lot more details written in  perfect marketing in the news post linked   below. Check it out if you wanna know more about  Oracle, Azure and the new stronger friendship. Finally, we have another space story on the show.  This time Azure is announcing the Space Partner   Community, which is an ecosystem of Space  Partners with exclusive access to technical   support and scaling solutions. This access  includes participation in Azure space training,  

which isn't actual training in space, but rather  the service Azure Space launched in 2020. You also   get priority access to new services on Azure and  engineering support. Some of the partners include   Airbus, SpaceX, Nokia, Viasat, and Omnispace.  And the idea is that they will be able to work   better together on the space products of the  future and get go-to-market scaling and support. If you have space business and you want to be part   of the Azure Space Partner Community to do  more space things, you can. Use the link  

below to sign up and get space training.  Now I just need to start a space business. Is 2022 the year of picking up cloud computing  knowledge. Well then check out ACG's free plan.   You get access to free courses and quizzes,  plus learning paths and original series content.   There's even free course content. Right now  you can try Intro to Serverless on Azure,   or perhaps you prefer Azure Storage Deep Dive.  You don't even need a credit card to sign up.  

You can just jump straight in and start.  Yeah. I'll leave the links in the description. Finally, one of those features I kind  of thought we already had on Azure:   live resizing of Azure disks. Having the  right size disks for your cloud application   is critical in avoiding downtime, managing costs,  and getting the best performance. From this week,   you can now resize your disks live. You can  dynamically increase the storage capacity of   your Premium SSD or Standard SSD disks without  causing any disruption to your applications.  

To reduce costs, you can start with smaller disks  and gradually increase their storage capacity   without experiencing any downtime. This works both  for Linux and Windows setups, and the link below   will give you all the details, including how you  enable it, use it, and what limitations there are. That's the news for this week from Oracle and  Azure. Let me know in the comments if you're   going to try it out. Also space! There's so  much more useful and entertaining technical   content coming from us. So stay tuned to both the  ACG and the Pluralsight channels. Now next week,  

the show is taking a break along with the  entire company. Yep. We're all going to Fiji.   I hope. We'll see you in the cloud.  Keep being awesome Cloud Gurus.

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