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New Linux ARM VMs

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It’s Lars Klint, here to bring you this week’s Azure news! This week, Azure VMs get a bit more muscle with Ampere Altra Arm-based processors, Azure Data Explorer supports native ingestion from Amazon S3, and we share some happy news about one of the biggest free cloud certification campaigns ever! Oh, and try our free Azure security course:

Introduction to Azure updates (0:00)
Azure VMs with Ampere Altra Arm–based processors available (0:29)
Free certification courses with CloudHappy (1:42)
Azure Data Explorer supports native ingestion from Amazon S3 (2:51)

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Corrections: (03:37) "Azure Storage Explorer" should be "Azure Data Explorer".

Series description

Azure This Week is your weekly news roundup for all things Azure. Join our expert hosts as they cover everything you need to know about the past week’s developments, keeping it short, fun and informative. Whether you’re just beginning your cloud journey, or you know your stuff, there’s something for everyone!

This week, there's so much cloud and so much happy on the show. In fact, there's so much happy. I'm going to share a bunch of it with you. Yes, but more on that later, I'm Lars Clint and you're watching Azure This Week. The only show on YouTube powered by freshly ground virtual memory from a 1996 OmniGo 700LX. First, I want to talk about Linux.

It's long been the case that more than 50% of the computing cores on Azure are running Linux. It's hardly surprising that another new Linux offering is in general availability this week: the Ampere Altra Arm-based processor. What now? Yeah, the Ampere Altra Arm-based processor. Let me tell you why it's pretty special. Ampere Altra is a cloud-native arm processor and with Arm workloads known to work more efficiently than those based on traditional x86 architectures, this kind of advance most likely represents the future for more mainstream data centers. Ampere Altra is also well suited for new use cases like

Anbox Cloud, which allows organizations to run Android in the cloud securely and at scale. Microsoft notes that you can run Canonical Ubundu, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, SUSE Enterprise Linux, CentOS, and Debian on the new Arm-based Azure Virtual Machines, with support for Alma Linux and Rocky Linux coming in the future. You can try them out for yourself right now using your Azure subscription. Are you ready for something happy? Yeah. This week, ACG and Pluralsight launched one of the biggest cloud campaigns... Well ever!

We have five certifications. That's five on offer to new students and all five are completely free. That is just a start though. Once you have chosen one of the five courses on Azure, AWS, GCP, Kubernetes, or Terraform, we will guide you through the study process with weekly progress emails, lots of live study help on our Discord server, live Twitter Space conversations, tons of help along the way, and hopefully a certificate from passing the exam. We're doing this because we've seen over the last couple of years, how many people want to change career, improve their skills and challenge themselves with cloud computing and doing one of these five fundamental certification courses is a great start on your cloud journey. And absolutely anyone can do it. Yeah. Even you and you and you,

if you also want to be part of Cloud Happy, use the link in the description and get started now. Yeah. Go, go on. What do Azure Sentinel, Azure Arc and Azure Site Recovery have in common. Yep. You can play along as well. You ready? Is it A) they're all being deprecated in June of 2023, B) All can transfer data from AWS to Azure, C) they're now part of the Azure free tier, or D) they smell lovely. Hang on. Who wrote this?

Or is it D) they all work with Azure Kubernetes services. All right. What's your guess? Go on. The answer is B. And if you answered correctly, you can also get a free virtual tree frog to broaden your day. You're welcome. Anyway, there is now a new service that can also ingest Amazon data: Azure Storage Explorer.

With the new AWS S3 buckets support, customers can bring data from S3 natively without relying on complex ETL pipelines. This means you can get your S3 data as easily into Azure as you can with Azure blobs, Kafka or Telegraph. Neat. Now use the link in the description for more details, including code examples and colorful diagrams. That's all I have for this week. Now let me know in the comments, if you're going to join Cloud Happy and we'll look for you, we'll look for you.

I will look for you. Okay. I will look out for you throughout the campaign. There's so much more useful and entertaining technical content coming from us. So stay tuned to both the ACG and the Pluralsight channels. Next week, Brian Roehm is back before I'm on again for a couple of weeks. We'll see you in the cloud. Keep being awesome Cloud Gurus!

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