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Is AI the real Web 3.0?

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In Azure news this week, Lars takes a look at the general availability of Azure OpenAI, Microsoft’s investment in this area, and what this means for the larger AI landscape. To finish up, we also have some important new Azure Machine Learning updates!

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Azure This Week is your weekly news roundup for all things Azure. Join our expert hosts as they cover everything you need to know about the past week’s developments, keeping it short, fun and informative. Whether you’re just beginning your cloud journey, or you know your stuff, there’s something for everyone!

There's one topic that keeps coming back  this year. A topic we have covered a few   times on the show but permeates a lot of  cloud conversations we're having currently.   I'm Lars Klint, and in this episode I  give my opinion on whether artificial   intelligence could be the real Web 3.0.  This is Azure This Week a show edited,   produced, and master minded by  your new overlords. Wait, what? While ChatGPT is all the rage  currently in the AI world,  I think there's a lot more to the story when it  comes to cloud computing. Could AI be the real Web  

3.0? To even start answering that question, let's  agree on a definition of Web 3.0. And when I say   agree, I'll come up with one that works. So there.  The term Web 3.0 is often used to describe the   next evolution of the internet, which is expected  to be more intelligent, semantic, and more   personalized. And while some parts of the internet  has taken this term capture for their crypto and   blockchain products, I think there's a lot more  to it than just that. AI is going to be a key   technology that is driven to [inaudible]. AI is  going to be a key technology that is driving this  

evolution as it enables machines to understand and  process large amounts of data in real time, and to   make predictions and decisions based on that data. AI is already being used to create more   intelligent and personalized experiences  on the web, such as chatbots like ChatGPT,   voice assistance, and recommendation systems.  These technologies are being used to improve the   way we interact with the internet, making  it more intuitive and natural. After all,   the internet was invented to improve communication  and provide values in new ways. AI is also being   used to create new types of applications  and services such as self-driving cars,   intelligent home systems, and smart  cities. In short, AI is being [inaudible].  

In short, AI is being used to create a more  intelligent web that can understand and adapt   to our needs and preferences. And that is  why I proposed that AI is the real Web 3.0.   And that brings me to Azure and the general  availability of the OpenAI service, which   was announced this week. While the announcement  had the usual sprinkling of marketing buzzwords,   it did also state that AI integration is coming  to everything across Azure, including security,   reliability, compliance, data privacy, and  built-in responsible AI capabilities. Yes,   AI is being embraced big time on the Azure  platform and Microsoft is not holding back. AI   is going to be the accelerator for cloud services  and solutions in the very near future. Is it  

perfect? No, of course not, but it will improve  rapidly. Hopefully they're not listening though.  You like free stuff. Of course you do. This month  the free courses on the ACG platform include   Intro to Serverless on Azure, and Managing Azure  Resources with Ansible. There are more than that,   but those two should be enough to have  a go, right? Did I mention they're free?   Sign up with only name and an email  address and start learning straight   away. Anyway, use the links in the description. If you want to see how the AI cookie is made,   then Azure Machine Learning is the place. And this  month a bunch of new features entered both preview  

and general availability. A few highlights: the  ability to build an end-to-end model training   pipeline without needing to write any code. And  of course this is in line with a move to more and   more services that require less and less code. You  can compare different pipelines to debug failure.   So which means you can now save debugging time  with new insights into why a specific pipeline   may have failed. There's also a feature to  identify problematic nodes for debugging.   Scroll, scroll, scroll. You can now secure  the ingress and egress of managed online  

endpoints to ensure compliance with enterprise  security standards. Company's gonna love that   one. And finally, you can now add, view,  update, and/or delete customized tags on   your workspaces and computes to gain deeper  insights into cost patterns, spend patterns,   and governance scenarios. Sounds exciting. Yes.  Anyway, there's a lot more new features this   month, so check 'em out using the link below. Have you considered pressing subscribe? Sorry   that wasn't in the script. Now, do you agree AI  will be a major part of the next evolution of  

the web? As we continue to create more advanced  technologies, it's important to ask ourselves,   how will these advancements shape our society and  our future? Will the benefits outweigh the costs?   And these are the questions that we must ponder  as we move forward into the age of AI and Web   3.0. So thank you for watching and don't forget  to subscribe and for watch more content on cloud   computing and future technology. Take care,  do more cloud, and stay awesome Cloud Gurus.   Did you notice the drama llama sign? Just saying  it's, it's got the lights in it. Anyway. Bye.

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