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Azure certification updates – mid-2022!

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Brian Roehm joins us this week for a round-up of Azure certification updates that you need to know about! Covering all the certs from foundation to expert-level, you’ll hear about the small, and not-so-small, recent and upcoming updates to AZ-900, DP-900, AI-900, AZ-104, DP-300, AZ-600, AZ-305, and AZ-400. Oh, and try our free Azure serverless course:

0:36 Foundation Azure certification updates
Azure Fundamentals certification (AZ 900) study guide:
Azure AI Fundamentals (AI 900) study guide:
Azure Data Fundamentals (DP 900) study guide:
1:28 Associate-level Azure certification updates
Azure Administrator certification (AZ 104) study guide:
Administering Relational Databases (DP 300):
AZ 600:
3:20 Expert-level Azure certification updates
Azure Solutions Architect certification (AZ 305):
DevOps Engineer certification (AZ 400):
4:05 How to find out about certification updates

Azure Certification Guide:
Azure Certification Guide (2021 update):

Current free Azure courses:
Introduction to Governance and Compliance on Azure
Intro to Serverless on Azure
Introduction to Microsoft Azure Security
Azure Storage Deep Dive

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Series description

Azure This Week is your weekly news roundup for all things Azure. Join our expert hosts as they cover everything you need to know about the past week’s developments, keeping it short, fun and informative. Whether you’re just beginning your cloud journey, or you know your stuff, there’s something for everyone!

Hey, what's up gurus. Welcome to Azure This  Week. I'm Brian Roehm and I'll be taking   you through what's been happening in the  world of Azure...Or not happening because,   well it's kind of a desert out there right  now. There is still good news for you,   however, in that I've decided not to bore you to  death with extremely minor updates and instead   focus on certifications. So for this week, let's  dive into what's new, what's changing, and how do   you find all of this amazing information out? So  what are you waiting for? Let's get started.  

And speaking of getting started,  let's start with the foundation,   or foundation-level certifications. And at this  level, there are no new certifications. So when   you're looking at the foundation level, you should  come up with three. Azure Fundamentals, Azure   Data Fundamentals, and Azure AI Fundamentals,  or AZ-900, DP-900, and AI-900 respectively.   Oh, and just a note, you'll find a link to all  of the courses mentioned in the description   below the video. The AZ-900  was updated on May 5th, 2022.   Luckily it was only a minor change. The AI-900  is very similar with a minor change at the end  

of April. And the DP-900 will update on August 4th  with minor changes as well. The key takeaway from   this level is that there's nothing to worry about  if you're in the process of studying hooray!   Next up is our associate-level certifications.  Now there are a whole bunch of associate-level   certifications, 12 to be exact.  Rather than go through all of them,   I'm gonna focus on the major updates. First  up and maybe one of the most popular certs,   the AZ-104 or Azure Administrator. This is getting  an update on July 28th. It is unfortunately  

a major revision with major updates to almost  every section, including the audience profile.   So if you're in the process, either speed up and  take it before the 28th, or make sure to add a   few weeks and include the updates in your study  routine. The DP-300 or Administering Relational   Databases is next. This is an interesting one  in that about 30% of the current exam is getting   removed. This will obviously place a much greater  focus on the remaining topics. This exam will be   updated on August 4th. So not a lot of time here  either if you're in the process of preparing.  

The AZ-600 or Configuring and Operating a  Hybrid Cloud with Microsoft Azure Stack Hub,   say that five times fast. Well, it's also getting a pretty   major update on July 29th. So keep that  in mind. That's it for the major updates,   but almost every associate-level exam will  either have recently had, or very soon will have   updates, although mostly minor coming  your way. So keep a watch out for that.   Every month A Cloud Guru has a number of  totally free courses, which change over time.   This month is security month. So perhaps you  could try out the Introduction to Azure Security.  

We've also got a few other  Azure courses available too,   such as Intro to Serverless on  Azure, and Azure Storage Deep Dive.   A free account is genuinely free as well. No  credit card needed, just content delivered.   Finally, we have two expert-level certifications,  the Solutions Architect and the DevOps Engineer.   The Solutions Architect, or AZ-305 had an  update in the last couple of months, including   changes to how the certification was earned. It now requires a prerequisite certification.   The good news is that there are no pending  updates. The DevOps Engineer certification also  

had similar changes. Unfortunately, the AZ-400,  or the main exam for this certification, just had   major revisions to almost every sections as well  on July 13th. Hey, wait. That's this week. Oh.   So if you're preparing for that certification,  make sure you catch up on all the updates.   So that brings me to, how do you find out all this  amazing or not so amazing information, out? The   best way to find out about updates is to go to  the certification exam. Make sure it's the exam   though, and not the certification. Once you get  there, scroll down and look for either a 'download  

exam skills' button or look for a tip box with a  'download study guide'. It looks like Microsoft   is in the process of changing the exam page. So all of them will eventually have the tip box   and a download study guide. Once you  get there, scroll all the way down to   the bottom for the updates. You can see that  when you move all the way down, you will see   a detailed "Skills measured" section, as well as  a quick breakdown of the changes to each section.  

My strong advice to you is to review  this as you start preparing for an exam   and then review it again just before scheduling.  Hey, wait. Doesn't A Cloud Guru take care of that?   Well, of course we do. However, Microsoft doesn't  tell us before pushing updates. So we have teams   dedicated to reviewing these documents and  figuring out the impacts on your exam and our   training materials. As you can guess, something  major like the AZ-400 will take some time as   we have to review all the changes and create  more amazing content to set things right.   This process works great, unless you're planning  on taking the exam next week. So do yourself a  

favor and be prepared. If you're looking to  start a new certification and want to know   the best path, make sure to take a look at the  resources below like our Azure Certification Guide   to learn more about the certifications available  and which one is right for you. My suggestion will   be to take a look at the resources, go online and  search jobs to see which ones hold your interest.   Reach out to us on Discord (links below),  and ask questions and maybe go for an entry   level certification or two to test the waters and  learn a little bit more. As you can see, even if   there's not a lot going on in the news, there's  still a lot going on in the world of Azure.  

Unfortunately that's all the time we have  for this Azure This Week. Sad to say goodbye,   but I do have some good news. We'll be back  next week with hopefully some new updates.   It will definitely be a show you won't wanna  miss. Until then, keeping awesome Cloud Gurus.

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