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7 reasons to get an Azure certification in 2023

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In Azure news this week, Lars does something a little different and gives you 7 reasons why it’s worth getting an Azure cloud certification in 2023. Cloud computing isn’t going anywhere, anytime soon, and cloud technologies are becoming more widespread within organizations, so take the next step with a certification!

0:50 Stand out
1:25 Earning potential
1:53 Team baseline
2:28 Hands-on
3:04 Knowledge
3:38 New tech is less scary
4:02 Self-confidence

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Series description

Azure This Week is your weekly news roundup for all things Azure. Join our expert hosts as they cover everything you need to know about the past week’s developments, keeping it short, fun and informative. Whether you’re just beginning your cloud journey, or you know your stuff, there’s something for everyone!

Welcome to Azure This Week, this is the  show that's made entirely up of Azure   news and this week, I'm sorry, what? Nothing. We  have, we've, we have, we have no news this week.   Uh, that's awkward. So we can, we can we do what?   We're doing seven, seven reasons to  do cloud certifications apparently.  Okay. Um, hi, I'm Lars Klint. You're watching  Azure This Week. It's kind of a special episode   apparently. Thanks. But let's start with that  then. What are seven things that you might want,  

seven reasons or why you might want to  do cloud certification? Well, number one   makes you stand out, right? Currently there's  massive amounts of demand for cloud engineers,   almost any kind of job in cloud computing.  And that's not gonna go away. So if anything,   take a cloud certification to kind of  prove, hey, I have some skills in this   space. And not only will you look better  to your peers, of course, but you'll stand   out on resumes when you might have to find a  job. Yeah. So, um, number two, um, number two.  Number two is that when you have a cloud  certification, your earning potential   is actually higher. Yes. People that have  cloud certifications have a higher salary.   The stats don't lie. So if you are after a  little bit more to maybe buy some new toys,  

then a cloud certification is well  the way to go. Oh, perfect. Excellent.  All right. Number three. Well, if you're in a  team and you are working with the same technology,   such as Azure or cloud computing, having  a certification gives the team a baseline.   You all on the same page, you all know about the  same services, you all speak the same language.   It's very important and it's incredibly powerful,  and it makes the team work much better together.  

So cloud certification, even if you are the first  one, is a good way to get a team on the same page. Number four, when you have a cloud certification,  you get hands on experience, cuz you gotta learn.   So by going through the motions of the, you know,  the, the learning and the exam and everything,   you put your hands on the tools. Well I hope  you do. But if you need help with that at ACG,   we do have hands-on labs as part of the  platform, which are superb. Where you   can break everything without  actually breaking everything,   press all the buttons. So hands on experience  is a huge part of being certified in the cloud.

All right. Number five is maybe an obvious  one, but if you take a cloud certification,   you are gonna get more cloud knowledge. Yeah, it's  a great way of learning new things because the   certifications are meant to make sure that you  know about what's the latest and what is being   used right now. That's kind of what certifications  are for. So new knowledge that you might not   have had is a really good reason to do a cloud  certification. So if nothing else do it for that.  So number six is that new  tech is less scary. Yeah.  

If you get a cloud certification, then you  have a base level of knowledge and any new   features and new, you know, services that  come into that space is less scary because   you already have an idea of what it is.  That's really, really handy. Number six. All right, just one more to go. Um,  number seven, right? Well do it for you.   If nothing else, do the cloud search for you.  It'll prove to you that you have a certain   skillset, that you have a certain baseline.  You can participate in conversations more   easily about cloud computing, and you get more  confidence. There's nothing better than an exam  

that you pass to, you know, provide you with  more confidence boosted. Yeah. So do it for you.   All right, well I hope that was useful. That was  seven reasons why you might want to consider doing   a cloud certification in 2023. And of course, on  the ACG platform and the Pluralsight platform,   we have lots of courses to help  you out doing just that. We've had   really good success for people actually passing  based on those courses and they're not boring. All  

of them are kind of like a bit of fun. So do it.  Anyway, I'm Lars Klint. I hope you enjoyed this   "no news week" on Azure This Week. And in any  case, let me know what you'd like to do with   cloud certifications in 2023. Let me know in  the comments, send me a tweet, or however else   you can find us on social media. And until then,  next time, keep coding, stay awesome Cloud Gurus.

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