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AWS This Week: Solutions Architect Pro update, Redshift transactions & Resilience Hub updates

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Jess Alvarez is back with your AWS news! This week, we take a look at the Solutions Architect Pro exam update for 2022, aligning it with the Well-Architected Framework, we talk about Redshift Serializable and Snapshot Isolation transactions, and learn about all the AWS Resilience Hub updates.

Introduction to AWS updates (0:00)
Redshift’s new transaction options (0:28)
AWS Resilience Hub updates (1:36)
AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional certification update (2:53)

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Series description

Join our ACG hosts as they recap the most important developments in the AWS world from the past week. Keeping up with ever-changing world of cloud can be difficult, so let us do the hard work sifting through announcements to bring you the best of what's new with AWS This Week.

Hello, Cloud Gurus. Welcome back to another AWS  This Week, where we find out what goodies AWS   have in store for us from the past seven days.  I am your friendly neighborhood Jess Alvarez.   And today we talk about Redshift, learn about  Resilience Hub and take a look at an upcoming   exam update. Stay tuned to hear the full  story in this episode of AWS This Week. Let's talk about Redshift,  Amazon's data warehouse solution.   It uses SQL to analyze structured and  semi-structured data across data warehouses,   operational databases, and data lakes using  AWS-designed hardware and machine learning.  

This solution now has two options to serialize  transactions: Serializable and Snapshot Isolation.   Serializable can be used to implement strict  serializability where a transaction could fail   if the result cannot be mapped to a serial  order of the concurrently, or overlapping,   running transactions. Snapshot Isolation  will allow high concurrency where concurrent   modifications to different rows in the same  table would complete successfully. Both options   allow transactions to continue to operate on  the latest committed version of the database.   Serializable is the default option for provisioned  clusters, and serverless data warehouses will   use Snapshot Isolation as their default and are  available in regions that Redshift is available.  

I'll include some documentation on how you  can change the defaults in the resources. There are lots of new updates to AWS Resilience  Hub. Resilience refers to the ability of your   applications to maintain availability and  recover from disruptions within a specific time   and point (RTO and RPO). Resilience Hub provides  a central location to define, validate, and track   the resilience of your applications to prevent  any downtime caused by software, infrastructure,   or operational disruptions. It also provides  actionable recommendations to improve resilience.   This solution now supports Amazon's  Elastic Container Service, or ECS,   Route 53, Elastic Disaster Recovery, Backup,  and can now use Terraform as a source to upload   applications. This means even more applications  will be protected from disruptions. The Resilience  

Hub's resilience score has also been updated.  The score will now be calculated to reflect   a combination of operational recommendations  and policy compliance. If that wasn't enough,   Resilience Hub now runs daily  assessments on new applications   automatically. Manually activate this feature  on any existing applications and deactivate it   whenever you'd like. These updates are available  in every region that Resilience Hub is available. Are you ready for the big news? Well, buh buh buh!   The Solutions Architect Professional  certification is getting an update. The cert  

will be updated to ensure its alignment with the  Well-Architected Framework, AWS technical skills,   and cloud expertise. The exam can still  be taken via a testing center, or online,   and is 75 questions long. You'll have 180 minutes  to take this $300 exam, and will include multiple   choice and multiple response questions. Here are  some important dates to remember: October 18th,   when registration opens for the new exam. November  14th is the last day you can take the current   exam. And then the following day, November 15th,  is the first day you can take the updated exam.  

Keep in mind that once you attain, or re-certify,  the SA Pro cert, certs like the SA Associate will   automatically be renewed. Assuming you already  have it. Check out the resources for the exam   guide and sample questions. Well then, I hope  you enjoyed this episode of AWS This Week.   I'll include links and the resources to cover  all the fancy new things we covered today.   Don't forget to like and subscribe,  and join our awesome Discord community.  Thank you so much for watching. Keep being  awesome Cloud Gurus, and we'll see you next time.

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