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AWS This Week: Managed Streaming for Kafka Serverless, new EC2 instance types, EKS console update

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David is back with your AWS news! This week, we look at Managed Streaming for Kafka going serverless, the streaming video events feature of Amazon Rekognition, new EC2 instance types, and an updated EKS console to help with Kubernetes cluster management. Also, a surprise appearance from David’s neighbor’s cat! What could that be all about?

Introduction to AWS latest updates (0:00)
Managed Streaming for Kafka Serverless (0:42)
Amazon Rekognition Streaming Video Events (1:36)
New I4i instances for EC2 (2:31)
Updated EKS console (3:02)

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Series description

Join our ACG hosts as they recap the most important developments in the AWS world from the past week. Keeping up with ever-changing world of cloud can be difficult, so let us do the hard work sifting through announcements to bring you the best of what's new with AWS This Week.

Wow. Do we have a lot to get to! I'm David Tucker and this is AWS this Week. Now, in this episode, we look at Managed Streaming for Kafka going serverless the streaming video events, feature of Amazon Rekognition, new I4i instance, types and an updated EKS console to help with Kubernetes cluster management. In addition, my neighbor's cat will even get in on this week's announcement, so let's get to it. Oh, and while you're here, if you wanna stay up to date with all of the wonderful AWS news, hit the subscribe button. Yeah. You can do it now. I'll wait. Back at reinvent. 2021,

AWS announced a suite of four preview service offerings around data and analytics that would be available in serverless or on-demand configurations. This included Redshift Serverless, EMR Serverless, and Kinesis data streams on demand. Now, in addition to those three, they also announced Managed Streaming for Kafka Serverless. And this offering has now graduated to being generally available. Now, this offering works just like the normal Managed Streaming offering for Kafka.

In that it enables you to securely ingest and stream large amounts of data within a fully managed service. The primary difference is that you no longer have to manage the scaling of your cluster. This makes it even easier for you to integrate MSK Serverless into your cloud applications. Check out the link in the description to see what regions this offering is currently available in. So at about 3:00 AM every morning, I get a notification on my phone.

That motion has been detected on my basement security camera. Do I get worried? No, because it's simply my neighbor's cat out for an evening stroll. Now wait, what does this have to do with AWS? Well, this is just one kind of real time video alerting that you can build for yourself with a new feature for AWS's computer vision service Rekognition, and it's called streaming video events. Now the great news is that this too, just transitioned to being generally available. This capability is built on top of the existing Rekognition service and Kinesis video streams out of the box.

It comes with machine learning models that can detect people, packages, and pets. Now I'm sure you can think of better things to do with this than tracking your neighbor's cat, but if you're into cat tracking, it just got a lot easier with the power of the cloud. Next up we have new instance types for EC2. The new I4i instances are designed for workloads that need to maximize storage IO. These are based on ice lake Zion processors. And according to AWS, they offer up to 30% better compute price performance over the I three instances while also offering an always on memory encryption.

Now at launch only three regions were supported. So check out the link in the description to get all the specifics on how you can test these out today. Finally, I have a great announcement for those of you leveraging EKS for your Kubernetes workloads. AWS has crafted a console update that now includes the ability to view all Kubernetes API resource types on your cluster. Now, for some of you, this may mean that you don't have to leverage as many third-party tools to manage your EKS cluster. You will now be able to have insights into service,

resources, configuration, and storage resources, policy resources, and even authorization resources. Now, if you don't need all of this information, you can filter the list to show only the resource types you're interested in. Well, that's it for this week. I really think we had something for everyone. Now, if you have any thoughts you wanna share, be sure to leave us a comment on this episode. See you next week and keep being awesome cloud gurus.

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