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AWS This Week: AWS Clean Rooms preview & Network Firewall IPv6 support

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David is back with your AWS news! In AWS announcements this week, AWS Clean Rooms is now in preview, AWS Network Firewall now has full IPv6 support, there’s a new maximum concurrency feature for Lambda and SQS, and the Serverless Application Model (SAM) integrates with CloudFormation Linter.

Introduction to AWS updates (0:00)
AWS Clean Rooms in preview (0:41)
AWS Network Firewall full IPv6 support (1:32)
New maximum concurrency feature for AWS Lambda and AWS SQS (2:05)
SAM integrates with CloudFormation Linter (3:12)

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Series description

Join our ACG hosts as they recap the most important developments in the AWS world from the past week. Keeping up with ever-changing world of cloud can be difficult, so let us do the hard work sifting through announcements to bring you the best of what's new with AWS This Week.

Hello Cloud Gurus and welcome to AWS  This Week. We have some very exciting   AWS updates to share with you this week,  including first announced at re:Invent 2022,   AWS Clean Rooms is now available for preview. AWS  announces Network Firewall now has IPv6 support.   There's a new maximum concurrency feature for  Lambda and SQS, and Serverless Application   Model integrates with CloudFormation Linter.  I'm David Blocher and this is AWS This Week.   One of the many data security announcements from  last year's re:Invent was a first look at a new   service called AWS Clean Rooms. This week AWS  announced that you can get hands-on with Clean   Rooms as it's now available for preview in 11  different regions. Clean Rooms are designed to  

keep your business data secret and safe while  still allowing analysts to draw insights from   your collective data, invite collaborators,  and finally control what data and queries can   be used by each Clean Room participant. This is  a great new secure way to collaborate on data   insights while making sure your sensitive  data remains secure and encrypted during   analysis. This will be great for marketing  and advertising campaign analysis, or any case   where you want to collaborate on data analysis  without exposing all of the underlying data.   In other security news, AWS announced this  week that AWS Network Firewall now has full   IPv6 support. Network Firewall is a managed  firewall service that allows you to filter   traffic to and from your VPCs or on-premises  network. You can now enable Network Firewall  

endpoints to filter both IPv4 and IPv6 traffic in  any of your duals stack subnets. On top of that,   this feature comes at no extra cost to those  who want to use this new functionality.   Also, this week AWS announced a quality of life  update that's sneaky exciting for serverless   developers. Scaling out Lambda invocations to  ingest events from an SQS queue has always been   an extremely powerful serverless pattern.  However, some customers run into an issue   with maximum Lambda concurrency when they scale  out to too many concurrent invocations hitting   their account limit. This causes events  from an SQS queue to be sent back to the  

queue or dropped to a dead letter queue. You can set a maximum concurrency limit for   your Lambda function, but this doesn't fix  the issue of dropped messages. This week,   AWS announced per source maximum concurrency  limits for your Lambda functions when ingesting   messages from SQS. This means that you can define  a limit of concurrent Lambda invocations for a   given SQS queue and excess messages will be held  in in the queue until there's capacity for more   concurrent Lambda invocations. This means no  more fiddling with returned messages or dead   letter queues, and a greater degree of control  over your account's Lambda concurrency limit.  

One of my predictions at the top of the year  was that AWS would continue to invest in the   serverless developer experience in 2023. AWS  has already started to deliver announcing an   update to the Serverless Application Model  command line interface that's sure to make   developers' lives easier. The Serverless  Application Model, or SAM for short,   is an infrastructure as code platform that allows  you to define and reuse AWS architecture in simple   JSON or YAML format. This week, AWS announced  a new lint tool that will speed up development   processes by checking your SAM template against  a set of CloudFormation-based rules. Now,   whenever you run the "sam validate" command, you  can optionally lint your template against this   set of rules. This will make it much easier  for SAM users to validate their SAM templates  

before deploying them, saving users lots of time  and money. Thanks for tuning in. That's all for   this week. Keep being awesome. Take care of each  other, and I look forward to seeing you soon.

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