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AWS This Week: AWS AppConfig Feature Flags, new EC2 instance types, AWS Route 53 geolocation update

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David is here with your AWS news! This week, the Feature Flags capability of AWS AppConfig is in GA, new memory-optimized X2i instances for EC2, big changes to DynamoDB account quotas, and AWS Route 53 geolocation and latency-based routing support for Private DNS.

Introduction to AWS latest news (0:00)
AWS AppConfig Feature Flag support (0:55)
New EC2 instance types X2idn & X2iedn (1:39)
DynamoDB default quota increases (2:38)
AWS Route 53 Geolocation & latency-based routing (3:21)

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Series description

Join our ACG hosts as they recap the most important developments in the AWS world from the past week. Keeping up with ever-changing world of cloud can be difficult, so let us do the hard work sifting through announcements to bring you the best of what's new with AWS This Week.

hello cloud gurus welcome to aws this

week my name is david tucker and while

this is my first aws this week episode

you may have seen some of my content

from pluralsight and now that

pluralsight and acg are coming together

you'll see me here periodically covering

the aws updates you need now this week

we have several announcements that could

affect how and what you build on aws

this list includes the general

availability of the feature flags

capability of app config new membrane

optimized x2i instances for ec2

massive changes to dynamodb account

quotas and route 53's private dns

capability adding support for

geolocation and latency based routing

well what are we waiting for let's get

to all the specifics here on aws this


[Music] if you have followed along with the

feature flags capability of app config

you will be delighted to hear that this

capability is now generally available

now this capability which was initially

launched in preview back in november

right before reinvent gives you the

ability to control the release of

specific features in your applications

after you have shipped the release in a

deployment now this rounds out the

capabilities provided by aws app config

which are all centered around runtime

app configuration now since that initial

preview the capability has continued to

mature leading up to this week's general

availability announcement and this also

includes a lambda extension that makes

integrating feature flags even easier

with your serverless compute

workloads this week aws launched two new

instance types under the x2i instance

type family which brings the total

number of instance types to three in

this family now these new instance types

x2 i dn and x2i edn are powered by the

third generation scalable xeon

processors which are called ice lake for

all of you tracking the intel chip world

and according to aws these new

processors offer 50 percent higher

compute price performance than

comparable x1 instances now if you're

running in-memory databases or large

analytics workloads in the cloud

you may want to check out these new

instance types they both offer up to 3.8

terabytes of nvme ssd storage and up to

either 2 terabytes or 4 terabytes of

memory respectively with both having 100

gigabit per second network bandwidth now

check out the link in the episode notes

to see which regions these instances are

available in

dynamodb is now 10 times better than it

was last week

okay well maybe that's not exactly true

but there have been some big changes

when it comes to account quotas for

dynamo db usage first up the quota for

tables has increased from 256 per

account in region to

2500 see almost 10 times better and in

addition the account and region quota

for concurrent table management

operations has increased by a factor of

10 from 50 to 500. now for organizations

that have a lot of data stored across

multiple dynamo db tables you will now

have a much longer runway before you

have to worry about running into these

default quotas

now finally route 53 allows you to

configure geolocation and latency based

routing for public dns now these

features can greatly help when creating

cross region fault tolerance solutions

on aws and this week aws extended those

capabilities for organizations

leveraging it for private dns that means

you can leverage the same benefits when

creating your private applications on


as well

finally here at acg we're making it even

easier to grow your cloud skills right

now you can save on our personal plus

annual plans with the link in the

description or with the qr code here on

the screen well that's it for this week

now if you have any comments or

questions at all let us know and keep

being awesome cloud gurus and we'll see

you next week for all of your aws

updates here on aws this week

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