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AWS This Week: Aurora now supports PostgreSQL 13 & happy birthday EC2!

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Ryan Kroonenburg is here with your weekly dose of AWS news and updates! This week, we celebrate 15 years of EC2, built-in compliance controls with AWS Backup Audit Manager, and a new DynamoDB console to manage and monitor all your DynamoDB resources including DAX clusters. Also, Amazon Aurora now supports PostgreSQL 13 bringing improved data ingestion rates and more!

Introduction (0:00)
AWS EC2 turns 15 (0:29)
Introducing AWS Backup Audit Manager (1:10)
New Amazon DynamoDB console (1:42)
Aurora now supports PostgreSQL 13 (2:27)

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Series description

Join our ACG hosts as they recap the most important developments in the AWS world from the past week. Keeping up with ever-changing world of cloud can be difficult, so let us do the hard work sifting through announcements to bring you the best of what's new with AWS This Week.

Okay. Hello, Cloud Gurus and welcome to AWS this week. This week, EC2 turns 15, we're introducing a new AWS backup tool called audit manager. There's a new dynamo DB console, which is now the default option in all regions and Amazon Aurora now supports PostgreSQL 13. I'm Ryan Kroonenburg, and you're watching AWS this week. [inaudible] So EC2 turns 15 this week and 15 years ago, AWS released EC2, which literally changed the entire IT world at the touch of a button.

You could have a fully functional virtual machine within minutes that you only paid for by the hour. And startups could afford to experiment with their applications, where not bound by gigantic CapEx costs. Instead they could pay by the hour and terminate the environments when not needed. Now, this innovation literally changed the world with many of the big names that we know today, such as Airbnb or Netflix adopting EC2 on AWS at a very early stage. So from the team at a cloud guru, happy birthday EC2. So introducing AWS backup audit manager, and this is a new feature within AWS backup.

There's built in compliance controls and you can edit these controls so they match your data protection policies. Audit manager is designed to automatically detect violations of your defined data protection policies, and it will then prompt you to take corrective action. It also integrates with AWS audit manager to help you collect evidence of backup activity along with other AWS services. And it's now available in most regions today. So the new Amazon dynamoDB console is now your default experience to help you navigate and control your dynamoDB tables and configurations.

So you can now manage your items using the new dedicated items page, and you can navigate backwards and forwards to your table settings. In addition related information is now grouped on the same page as to simplify your work and the new simplified tabs architecture of the table page groups together all related features on the same tab. You can also check the health of all your dynamoDB resources, including dynamoDB tables and dynamo DB accelerator, or Dax clusters, at a glance on the new dashboard page. And again, it's available in all regions as of today. So Amazon Aurora PostgreSQL compatible edition now supports PostgreSQL major version 13.

Now PostgreSQL 13 includes improved functionality and performance from enhancements such as de-duplication of B-tree index entries, improved performance for queries that use partition tables, incremental sorting to accelerate data sorts and a whole lot more. Now with PostgreSQL 13 on Aurora, you can create time series data tables with improved data ingestion rates of several hundred thousands of metrics per second, for use cases such as strong DevOps metrics or tracking business metrics. This could be things like your daily sales. It is now available in all regions as of today. Well, that's it from me keep being awesome cloud gurus, and I'll see you next time.

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