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AWS This Week: Another rapid-fire round of AWS updates!

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Nick Triantafillou is here with your weekly dose of AWS updates and news! This week, he’s back with another quick rundown of the most relevant and timely updates. Strap yourselves in for round two as we bring you the latest on MariaDB, Amazon Connect, Amazon RDS, Cloudwatch, and more!

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AWS This Week episode resources

  • New Amazon EC2 T4g instances powered by AWS Graviton2 processors plus T4g free trial in Asia Pacific (Seoul) region:
  • New Amazon EC2 T4g instances powered by AWS Graviton2 processors in Asia Pacific (Hong Kong), and Europe (Stockholm) regions:
  • AWS CodeBuild supports Arm-based workloads using AWS Graviton2:
  • Amazon RDS for Oracle now supports January 2021 Release Updates (RU):
  • AWS Control Tower now provides region selection:
  • Amazon Connect now provides disconnect reason for Voice Calls & Tasks:
  • Amazon CloudWatch Contributor Insights for Amazon DynamoDB now supports AWS CloudFormation:
  • Amazon Aurora PostgreSQL Patches 1.8.1 / 2.6.2 / 3.3.2 now available:
  • Amazon Elasticsearch Service add support for Reporting in Kibana:
  • AWS Database Migration Service now supports MariaDB version 10.5:
  • New troubleshooting feature now generally available for AWS IoT Events:
  • Amazon EC2 Auto Scaling now shows scaling history for deleted groups:
  • Amazon RDS now supports PostgreSQL 13:
  • AWS Transfer Family is now available in AWS Middle East (Bahrain), AWS Asia Pacific (Hong Kong), and AWS Africa (Cape Town) Regions:
  • Automate quality inspection with Amazon Lookout for Vision — now generally available:
  • Amazon Elasticsearch Service now supports rollups, reducing storage costs for extended retention:
  • AWS Network Firewall Deployment Automations for AWS Transit Gateway is Generally Available:
  • Amazon EC2 Mac Instances now support macOS Big Sur:

Series description

Join our ACG hosts as they recap the most important developments in the AWS world from the past week. Keeping up with ever-changing world of cloud can be difficult, so let us do the hard work sifting through announcements to bring you the best of what's new with AWS This Week.

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