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AWS This Week: 35 new Step Functions integrations, Glue Crawlers & Systems Manager by default

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David is back with your AWS news, in our final episode! In AWS announcements this week, AWS announced 35 new service integrations for Step Functions. AWS Glue Crawlers now integrate with AWS Lake Formation, making data analysis much easier. And now AWS Systems Manager is enabled by default on your EC2 instances!

This was our final episode of AWS This Week but we’ve got much more cloud goodness coming your way in the future, so subscribe to stay up to date, and keep being awesome Cloud Gurus!

Introduction to AWS updates (0:00)
New Step Functions integrations (0:41)
Glue Crawlers integrate with Lake Formation (1:25)
Systems Manager by default (2:16)

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Series description

Join our ACG hosts as they recap the most important developments in the AWS world from the past week. Keeping up with ever-changing world of cloud can be difficult, so let us do the hard work sifting through announcements to bring you the best of what's new with AWS This Week.

Hello Cloud Gurus and welcome to AWS This Week.  we have some very exciting AWS updates to share   with you this week, including Step Functions steps  it up with 35 new service integrations, AWS Glue   Crawlers now integrate with AWS Lake Formation.  You can now enable Systems Manager by default on   your EC2 instances, and make sure you stick around  for the end of the episode. We have some exciting   announcements about the future of this channel.  I'm David Blocher, and this is AWS This Week. Let's start off with some exciting news in  serverless. This week AWS announced 35 new  

service integrations for Step Functions. Step  Functions were already an extremely powerful   way to orchestrate and scale serverless AWS  services. And with this most recent batch of   service integrations, you can now orchestrate over  250 different services using Step Functions. Most   notably, you can now include EMR Serverless, Clean  Rooms, and IoT Fleetwise in your Step Functions.   With Step Functions, you write less integration  code and spend less time on finicky permissions,   which gives you more time for your value  adding business logic and data analysis.

Speaking of data analysis, AWS just announced  that AWS Glue Crawlers now integrate with AWS   Lake Formation. Glue Crawlers are used to discover  data sets and their schema, and now crawling data   sets in S3 data lakes is easier than ever. By  centralizing access to Lake Formation, users can   now configure Glue Crawlers to access same account  or cross account data lakes upon setup without   having to configure custom bucket policies for  each S3 data source across all relevant accounts. With this simpler integration, creating more  complex data mesh architectures with Glue   Crawlers and Data Lakes across many accounts will  be much more approachable, and I'm excited to see   the ways in which AWS continues to improve the  experience of extracting value from your data.  Also, this week AWS announced an update to AWS  Systems Manager, enabling users to set an account   level configuration that enables Systems  Manager tools on EC2 instances by default.  

This is achieved by using the Default Host  Management Configuration and it ensures that   features such as Patch Manager, Session Manager,  and Inventory are available for all new and   existing EC2 instances in an account. Because  permissions are applied at the account level,   you don't even need to worry about changing  existing instance profile roles. This feature   can be enabled in your account in just a  few clicks from the Fleet Manager console. And finally, in some bittersweet news  after over five years of runtime,   this will be the final episode of AWS This Week in  its current form. The good news is that we'll be   stepping it up and making room for exciting new  cloud content coming your way in 2023, so make   sure you're subscribed to stay up to date. Thanks  for watching and keep being awesome. As a special  

sendoff for our last episode, here's a thank you  message directly from our very own Faye Ellis. Hello Cloud Gurus. Thank you so  much for watching over the last   few years. Keep being awesome. Take care  of yourselves, and I will look forward   to seeing you soon.

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