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What is Oracle Cloud?

Episode description

Oracle Cloud is one of the newer cloud service providers, but what exactly is it? This ACG Fundamentals episode will give you a high-level overview of this this cloud computing platform, explain how its infrastructure can help support OLTP applications and data transfer intensive workloads, and look at how you can take your learning further with Oracle Cloud.

Note: This video is an updated version of the "What is Oracle Cloud" episode originally uploaded on 21/04/21.

Introduction (0:00)
Infrastructure (1:59)
Strengths and Weaknesses (2:47)
Use Cases (5:02)
What’s Next? (6:36)

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Series description

Being an avid learner means we are always beginners to a new topic or concept. With ACG Fundamentals, we want to equip you with the lessons you need to tackle new cloud concepts, projects, and real-world scenarios. With fun, bite-sized and succinct lessons, you'll be able to learn from anywhere in a matter of minutes. This is the series that puts the fun in fundamentals.

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