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How to use Linux CLI Piping and Redirection

Episode description

Did you know that with Linux CLI commands, you can save the output of a command, or send it to another command? Command-line redirection allows us to do just that by redirecting input and output of commands to and from files – and connect multiple commands together into pipelines. In this ACG Fundamental’s lesson, we’ll show you how you can master CLI piping and redirections, and build your Linux and CLI efficiency.

0:00 Introduction
0:43 CLI Redirection
2:20 CLI Piping
3:29 Combining Redirection and Piping


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Series description

Being an avid learner means we are always beginners to a new topic or concept. With ACG Fundamentals, we want to equip you with the lessons you need to tackle new cloud concepts, projects, and real-world scenarios. With fun, bite-sized and succinct lessons, you'll be able to learn from anywhere in a matter of minutes. This is the series that puts the fun in fundamentals.

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