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These days, security skills are highly sought after by companies across all industries. Whether you’re just now starting your learning journey or are a seasoned tech leader looking to take your team’s cloud security certifications to the next level, A Cloud Guru has the expert-led courses and hands-on training you’ll need to secure the training you need.

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Here at A Cloud Guru, we believe people learn best by doing. And yes, security is serious, but that doesn’t mean cloud security certification courses should be boring. That’s why we start with top-notch, truly engaging video lessons and follow those with interactive labs set in real, live environments.

This learn-by-doing approach reinforces concepts from classes, helps you retain information better and gives you valuable experience building (instead of breaking) things in the cloud. If you want to be confident in your IT security training, start with A Cloud Guru.

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The cloud computing security courses you’ve been looking for

What sort of security courses do you need to cover? AWS security and CloudWatch, Azure security, Linux security, or even general cloud architecture — you’ll find all of the above in A Cloud Guru’s library of on-demand, expert-led courses available anytime from your desktop or our mobile apps.

Working towards a data governance certification? Curious about data lake security? A Cloud Guru has you covered. See for yourself by browsing our available courses below.

Top Security Courses

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Solidify cloud security skills with Hands-on Labs

Whether you’re brushing up on your personal cloud security know-how or trying to upskill entire teams at your company, you’ll want to learn by doing in a risk-free environment when it comes to this topic. That’s why A Cloud Guru has developed thousands of Hands-on Labs — instantly deployable interactive experiences you won’t find anywhere else. These labs mimic real-world scenarios and allow learners to apply skills in a real cloud environment. Use Hands-on Labs along with course learning, or make them your go-to tutorials when you need answers at work. A Cloud Guru lets you and your teams learn the exact skills needed, exactly when you need them.

Top Security Hands-on Labs

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Stay on track with Learning Paths

With so much ground to cover when it comes to security, where should you even start? And how will you and your teams stay on track to learn the right skills or earn certifications? This is where Learning Paths from A Cloud Guru come in. These collections of courses, videos, labs, and more have been tailored to some of the most in-demand security learning needs, making topics such as AWS security data governance training simpler — and faster — for you to learn. Start by browsing the available Learning Paths for your needs, and you’ll be on track to becoming a guru from there.

Top Security Learning Paths

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Get answers to frequently asked questions about security learning below.

Put simply, when companies talk about cloud computing security, they’re not only referring to the policies and protocols in place, but the actual means of controlling those — the technology used, the applications and services needed to carry out security needs — as well as the infrastructure that’s been built to support it.

Whether you’re just learning how to migrate to cloud infrastructures or are an experienced professional boosting your skills, it’s a good idea to have awareness and know-how when it comes to the cloud security needs that shore up your cloud data.

If you’re learning about cloud security or striving for certifications related to it, you’ll likely hear about CompTIA, or the Computing Technology Industry Association. This non-profit has existed for decades and is considered the go-to association for IT professional certification.

Professionals looking into breaking into the IT field or bolster their existing skills will often go for a CompTIA certification before taking on advanced IT needs in their jobs or to be considered by prospective employers. 

The courses, Learning Paths, practice exams, and other features available through A Cloud Guru can help you prepare for certifications like CompTIA’s.

Cloud computing enables companies of all sizes to create truly innovative experiences for customers, automate tasks, store and move data efficiently, and much more. Cloud governance refers to how the company carries out their cloud needs in a way that’s cost effective, efficient, and easy to deploy while mitigating risks.

As you can imagine, having the right framework, automation, and more in place is incredibly important when it comes to cloud security, making effective cloud governance a must-have at organizations.

As companies move more and more data and experiences to the cloud, protecting those efforts becomes incredibly important. Cloud data security and network security are specific kinds of security training and skills aimed at bolstering these protections. If you’ve ever heard of major data leaks in the news, chances are a company’s cloud data and network security were bypassed, allowing data to be stolen, deleted, leaked, or otherwise tampered with. 

Staying on top of evolving cloud security needs and advances is incredibly important for today’s security professionals.

The list of IT and cloud-adjacent job titles can seem endless when looking at today’s companies. No matter which direction you head on your career path, however, it’s hard to argue against starting with the basics. Familiarize yourself with core topics related to today’s cloud needs — AWS, Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Microsoft Azure, cloud security, etc. — and consider earning entry-level certifications in areas that interest you. 

From there, you can start down various career paths related to things like DevOps, IT security, cloud architecture, and other extremely in-demand areas.

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