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You’ve heard a lot about Ansible, the Red Hat automation platform that’s making many IT professionals’ lives easier. Now’s your chance to master it for yourself. Whether you’re just starting your career or currently lead teams of IT professionals, A Cloud Guru has certification courses and hands-on learning exercises that can take your skills to the next level and help you make the most of this versatile platform.

Why learn Ansible with ACG?

Whether it’s Ansible for AWS, Azure, or Linux, here at A Cloud Guru we believe people learn best by doing. That’s why starting your Ansible learning journey with engaging video lessons led by pros is just that — a start. From there, A Cloud Guru allows you to go hands-on with interactive, live-environment labs you won’t find anywhere else.

This learn-by-doing approach reinforces the Ansible skills you’ll learn in classes, helps you retain important information better, and gives you valuable experience building (or automating) things in the cloud, so you can easily bring the applications of Ansible into your day-to-day work.

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Find the right Ansible courses

Looking to build up your Ansible playbook, or the complex tasks you’re able to automate with this platform? A Cloud Guru will take you through not only the basics but to more advanced uses of things like Ansible Tower or Ansible Galaxy. If you’ve got big plans for server automation, security automation, and more, the right courses, video lessons, and Hands-on Labs are just a click away on A Cloud Guru.

Top Ansible Courses

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Try Hands-on Labs for Ansible

As you wade into the world of Ansible, you’ll need to get familiar with things like Ansible Command, shell, or other Ansible modules. Sound intimidating? It shouldn’t — not when A Cloud Guru has developed Hands-on Labs right in line with your course learning. These allow you to get real, hands-on experience with Ansible topics anytime. Use Hands-on Labs right in line with your learning lessons or as your go-to for answering pesky questions while working. A Cloud Guru lets you and your teams learn the exact skills needed, exactly when you need them.

Top Ansible Hands-on Labs

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Lean into an Ansible Learning Path

Ansible’s ability to automate repetitive or extremely complex operations makes learning it provide some of the best ROI for learners. There’s a lot to cover if you’re trying to get the most of Ansible for DevOps or taking on Ansible training courses. A Cloud Guru covers that ground for you with Learning Paths — tailored collections of courses, videos, labs, and more carefully designed by our in-house experts to provide you with the Ansible learning roadmap. Once you’ve browsed the available Learning Paths, simply start the ones that teach or touch on topics you need, such as Ansible architecture, Ansible vault security, and more.

Top Ansible Learning Paths

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Linux & Cloud Adjacent Novice 188 hours

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Get answers to frequently asked questions about Ansible learning below.

Put simply, Ansible is an automation platform. It’s been around since 2012 and is maintained by developer Red Hat Software. Red Hat describes Ansible as performing “simple IT automation,” and it’s hard to argue with that — over the years, Ansible has become one of the go-to tools for automating complex deployments across machines that hold up companies’ infrastructures or automate other maintenance needs that would otherwise cost teams lots of time to do manually. With a large open source community to support it and the ability to work with many popular technologies, Ansible has become one of the standards for IT automation at scale.
Between its simple setup and open-source support, Ansible is relatively easy to get started with. However, since it supports many IT functions and can be used at scale up to enterprise-level needs, learning how to get the most out of it takes time, training, and often certification to master and make a career out of.
Ansible and Terraform are separate automation tools used widely among IT professionals. Both are open-source, supported by large communities, and used for important automation needs. They can be used separately or even complimentary — the strength of each lies in what your company’s needs are. Put simply, you’ll hear Terraform described as a tool to deploy Infrastructure as Code (IaC) and Ansible as a way to automate the configuration and ongoing management of systems. There are more nuances to learn as you get certified with each tool, however.

Puppet is another powerful tool for helping teams with automation and at-scale IT needs. Both platforms are highly scalable, offer automation and cloud provisioning functionalities, and provide extensive enterprise offerings. Where Ansible has a lower barrier of entry, Puppet has very strong and powerful automation capabilities once its learned. A Cloud Guru has covered these differences both at a glance and in-depth: For more information, see Ansible vs Puppet: Which is right for you?

Yes. A Cloud Guru offers a rotating selection of cloud and cloud-adjacent courses as well as free trials of our cloud learning platform anyone can get started with. From there, choose Ansible-related learning, go hands-on with our labs, or prepare for popular certifications.

Keep up with interesting Ansible news

What’s new in the world of Ansible automations and other applications of the platform? The ACG blog is a great place to read up on the new and notable, go deep on nuanced topics, and get tips and insights from Ansible experts.

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