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$ 0 / month

  • Limited access to basic courses and features
  • Rotating selection of limited courses
  • Stay ahead with weekly cloud roundups
  • Engage with a vibrant community of learners and experts
  • No credit card required

Personal Basic

$ 39 / month $ 31.59 / month

 Billed as $379 per year

Save 19% with annual plan!
Save 19% with annual plan!
  • Full access to our hands-on learning library
  • Includes FREE 7-Day trial
  • Unlimited courses, quizzes, & practice exams
  • Unlimited Hands-on Labs
  • Practice in real multi-platform servers

Personal Plus

$ 41.59 / month

Billed as $499 per year

  • Everything in Personal Basic, plus:
  • Full learn-by-doing experience in real AWS, Azure, & GCP environments!
  • Unlimited access to full Cloud Sandboxes
  • Includes FREE 7-Day trial
  • No account setup or cloud bills

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Personal Basic

$379 / year

Personal Plus

$499 / year

Unlimited Courses

Learn without limits

Learn from anywhere with unlimited access to certification courses and deep dives on AWS, Azure, GCP, Linux, and so much more.


Pop quiz, hot shot

Quickly check your knowledge on a variety of topics and know where to brush up with short quizzes.

ACG Original Series

Keep up with the cloud

Stay up-to-date on all things cloud with weekly and monthly videos about the latest developments in AWS, Azure, GCP, and Kubernetes.

Community Forums

Cloud with friends

Get the help you need, when you need it, from industry experts and other learners in the community — and help others in turn.

Learning Paths

Go from novice to guru in your chose specialty

We’ll guide you through the exact skills you need to go from novice to guru across a variety of roles and skills, across major cloud providers and specialties.

ACG Mobile Apps

Keep ACG in your pocket

Learn cloud from anywhere with our mobile apps for iOS and Android.

Mobile Offline Mode

Learn off the grid

No internet connection? No problem. Download courses for offline access with our app for iOS and Android.

Unlimited Hands-on Labs

Get your hands cloudy

Learn by doing with guided labs based on real-world scenarios in a secure, risk-free environment. Build new skills in as little as 15 minutes.

Practice Exams

Put your skills to the test

Prepare for your certs with practice exams that mimic the real thing. Plus, get personalized pointers on how to improve your score.

Interactive Diagrams

Study aids on demand

Snag clickable, PDF versions of core concepts to revisit later. Our diagrams make great study aids, help build retention, and can act as handy cheat sheets for a quick refresher down the road.

Learning Scheduler

Create a consistent learning schedule that fits around your busy life

Create a consistent study schedule based on the weekly hours you have available or the date you want to complete the course, and the scheduler will keep you on track to meet your goals.

Video Transcripts & Captions

For the record

Read along when sound isn’t an option and skip furiously scribbling notes. Our transcripts and captions are also fully searchable, making it easy to find exactly what you’re looking for.

Records of Completion

Achievement unlocked

Earn a little something when you complete courses. Records of completion make it easy to mark and showcase your progress.

Email Support

We’re here to help

Got questions? Having a problem? Our support gurus are happy to help you out.

Cloud Playground - Servers

Cloud on demand

Spin up pre-configured, auto-provisioned servers in just a few clicks. Cloud along with courses, practice whenever you feel like it, and never worry about a surprise cloud bill.

Cloud Playground - Instant Terminal

SSH on demand

Quickly launch a secure, in-browser SSH terminal into any instance on any provider – even behind a firewall.

Cloud Playground - Sandboxes

Personal Plus Only
Personal Plus Only
Learn by doing

Learn by doing with Cloud Playground. Try out new cloud skills in live AWS, Azure, and GCP sandbox environments — without racking up a surprise bill. Cloud along with courses, test an idea at work or prepare for exams.

Personal Basic
$379 / year
Personal Plus
$499 / year

A Cloud Guru exclusive

Snag That Swag!

Receive free, limited edition swag when you sign up for a Personal Basic or Personal Plus annual plan. Learn cloud and look cool doing it.

Free swag is only available for new individual customers on a personal annual plan.

Cloud Sandboxes

Feature Spotlight

Cloud Sandboxes

Dig into live AWS, Azure, and GCP environments.

No surprise bills for resources left running, no access or scaling 
hassles for admins or IT, and no risks for your production environment. 
No risk, all reward.

Businesses kind of dig us

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Cloud Sandboxes

Dig into live AWS, Azure, and GCP environments. No surprise bills for resources left running, no access or scaling hassles for admins or IT, and no risks for your production environment. No risk, all reward.

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