Tailor-made, risk-free cloud sandboxes

Every cloud is unique.
Your sandbox should be, too.

Custom Cloud Sandboxes give your teams a safe, risk-free way to experiment with new cloud services and practice configuring them in an environment customized to your cloud infrastructure—without fear of breaking something in your live production environment.

Risk-free mistake-making

Curtail costly mistakes that cripple operations

We see it time and time again. Human error dominates as the leading cause of cloud security failures and data breaches. All because of a lack of cloud knowledge and hands-on expertise.

Custom Cloud Sandboxes can save your business time, money, and risk.


of organizations report security as a top cloud challenge.

Source: Flexera 2022 – State of the Cloud Report

Reduce technical errors and risk to your environment

Give your teams the tool to sharpen their skills without putting your critical business operations at risk.

Build relevant expertise from within

Reduce ramp time for new hires and existing staff by giving them a training environment customized to your tech stack to quickly build deep cloud expertise.

Prevent runaway cloud costs

Eliminate ongoing maintenance costs and prevent accidental charges. And let us take care of the cost of building, securing, and managing your Custom Cloud Sandboxes.

On average, our customers save $6,664 per year/per user when using our cloud sandbox.

Here’s how we compare

Self-provisioned sandbox environments are pricey because you’re responsible for the cost of the AWS, Azure, or GCP services used while playing in them. This presents a significant risk due to unanticipated—and totally unwelcome—variable cloud costs.


Your Custom Cloud Sandbox FAQs answered

Custom Cloud Sandboxes give you the power to configure your template using a standard cloud native template: CloudFormation for AWS, ARM for Azure, and Deployment Manager for Google Cloud Platform. Our Professional Lab Services Team will review and configure your respective cloud environment according to your custom template.

You can assign to teams or individuals and even opt to extend the session from 4 to 8 hours to maximize your team’s custom experience.

In designing Custom Cloud Sandboxes, ACG made sure additional accounts or usernames were not required to spin up these live AWS, GCP, or Azure sandboxes. And the environments are automatically shut down and wiped when learners are done training in them.

No. Custom Cloud Sandboxes are available only for Business Plus customers.

No. Custom Cloud Sandboxes are available exclusively for our ACG Business Plus plans at no additional cost.

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