GCP Security

After completing the GCP Security path you’ll be able to secure data and applications on GCP as well as protect your cloud systems from attack and intrusion. You’ll start by learning the basics of how GCP works, what its foundational services are and how they fit together. These first levels of applied learning around best practices for GCP architecture, networking, databases and application deployment culminate in you sitting your first GCP certification exam(s). From there you’ll dive deeper into IAM, networking, monitoring and information protection as you prepare for your Professional Cloud Security Engineer certification. To crown it off, you’ll learn how to implement industry standard approaches to cybersecurity by preparing for CISSP and CompTIA certifications.These Google Cloud Security learning paths let you skip what you know and start at the appropriate lesson, whether you're a total beginner or looking to take your skills to the next level. And like all flexible ACG learning, these paths have a major focus on practical learning using hands-on labs.

Not sure where to start? We’ll guide you through the exact skills you need to gain to progress from novice to guru across a variety of cloud specialties.

These paths are flexible, so you can hop in where you’re comfortable and start at the appropriate level, whether you’re a total novice or looking to take your skills to the next level. And as with all ACG learning, there’s a major focus on gaining practical experience through Hands-on Labs.

video: What is Google Cloud Platform?
video: The Cloud is a Scam | Corey Quinn
video: #103 – Security Engineer
video: GCP This Month on A Cloud Guru

8 Hands-on Labs
video: #101 – Codename: The Rivolta DDoS attack

10 Hands-on Labs
video: #101 – Codename: The Rivolta DDoS attack
video: Network Cheat Sheet: CIDR and Subnetting Explained
video: #102 – Codename: The DNS vulnerability of 2008
video: #103 – Codename: Data breach by weak encryption

9 Hands-on Labs
video: #105 – Codename: An accidental data breach
  • Google Certified Associate Cloud Engineer
  • Google Certified Professional Cloud Security Engineer
  • Google Certified Professional Cloud Network Engineer
  • CompTIA PenTest+

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