Working with systemd Targets

15 minutes
  • 3 Learning Objectives

About this Hands-on Lab

The concept of runlevels in SysV has been reimagined and expressed as targets in `systemd`. Knowing how to manage, use, and manipulate targets will make your `systemd` management much easier.

In this lab, we’ll use the `runlevel` command that ships with `systemd` to determine system state, work with the default target, manipulate it, and then isolate to the new target.

We’ll also understand why some targets can be isolated and others can’t, inspect the contents of targets to see what they can do, and finally get a better understanding of the relationship between the `poweroff`, `shutdown`, `halt`, and `reboot` commands and `systemctl`.

Learning Objectives

Successfully complete this lab by achieving the following learning objectives:

Work with Runlevels and Targets
  1. Use the runlevel command.
  2. Get and set the default target.
  3. Isolate and list the targets.
Work with Target Isolation
  1. Attempt to isolate a target.
  2. List the contents of different targets.
  3. Determine what allows a target to be isolated.
Understand the Shutdown Commands
  1. Identify the location of the shutdown, halt, poweroff, and reboot commands.
  2. Determine what they are.
  3. See which are also represented in systemctl.

Additional Resources

You're a seasoned Linux sysadmin who has booted and used systemd-based systems but have not yet had to implement them into your production environment.

You have a number of systems that need to be upgraded from their current version of a distribution that still uses the SysV init-style service management scheme. You particularly want to find out how systemd boots, what runs when and how fast, and it's a bonus if you can see the relationships between components.

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