Working with Git in the Command Line

30 minutes
  • 5 Learning Objectives

About this Hands-on Lab

Git is a very popular distributed version control system. In this lab, you will be asked to perform basic Git-related tasks in the command line which includes installing Git, initializing a repository, adding and committing files, and creating and merging branches.

Learning Objectives

Successfully complete this lab by achieving the following learning objectives:

Install and Configure Git
  • Use the package manager to install the git package.
  • Update the Git user email setting to be
  • Update the Git username setting to be cloud_user.
Initialize the Git Repository
  • Create a directory in /home/cloud_user called alpha.
  • Change directories to /home/cloud_user/alpha.
  • Initialize the repository.
Add and Commit Files to the Git Repository
  • Create two files called artifact01 and artifact02.
  • Add the newly created files to the staging area.
  • Commit the files to the repository and include a message.
Create Branches of the Git Repository
  • Create a new branch called hot_fixes.
  • Create and checkout a branch called feature01.
  • Create a directory called feature01 that contains a file called manifest.txt.
  • Add and commit changes to the feature01 branch.
Merge a Branch with the Master
  • Checkout the master branch.
  • Merge the feature01 branch with the master.

Additional Resources


You work in the IT operations department of a mid-sized company and are part of a group of employees that have been tasked with implementing a DevOps methodology across the organization. As part of this initiative, you will be reviewing Git as an alternative to your current source control system. This will involve installing Git on a local system that will be used for evaluation. Once installed, you'll initialize a repository in the /home/cloud_user/alpha directory. Then, you will test out the functionality by creating files and committing them to the repo, creating multiple branches, and, ultimately, merging a branch with the master branch.


  • All tasks should be performed as the cloud_user.
  • The cloud_user has been given sudo access to perform the required tasks.

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