Using the JBoss EAP Management Console

15 minutes
  • 4 Learning Objectives

About this Hands-on Lab

The JBoss Enterprise Application Platform allows users to deploy and manage Java-based applications. Part of this enterprise offering is access to the JBoss EAP HAL Management Console, which allows us to manage everything from JBoss EAP itself and any of its features to our individual application settings.

Learning Objectives

Successfully complete this lab by achieving the following learning objectives:

Access the Console

Access the JBoss EAP management console by going to PRIVATEIP:9990 and using the username admin and the password pinehead.

Update Socket Bindings
  1. Move to the Configuration page, either by using the top menu or clicking Start under the Configuration heading.

  2. Select Socket Bindings from the left menu.

  3. Select standard-sockets, then click View.

  4. Select Inbound from the left menu.

  5. In the list of inbound sockets, select the http option, then click Edit. Change the Port to 9779. Save.

  6. Update the https option so that it uses port 9797.

Update Deployment Scanner
  1. Return to the overall Configuration page.

  2. Select Subsystems from the left menu, then view the Deployment Scanners.

  3. Click Add to create a new scanner.

  4. Set the name to cloud-user-deploy and the path to /home/cloud_user/deploys.

  5. Click on the new scanner, then select Edit to turn Auto Deploy XML off.

  6. Select Save.

Restart the Server

Notice the Reload Required notification on the upper left. Click on this to refresh the server and load the changes.

Additional Resources

You are tasked with setting up a new JBoss EAP standalone server. As part of this process, you need to update the current standard ports for application access to those that fall in line with your company's standards. Specifically, the http port needs to be set to 9779 with the https port set to 9797.

Additionally, you need to set up a custom automatic deployment scanner for the cloud_user, called cloud-user-deploy, and using the /home/cloud_user/deploys path.

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