Troubleshooting Virtual Network Domain Name System (DNS)

45 minutes
  • 3 Learning Objectives

About this Hands-on Lab

Troubleshooting basic network Domain Name System (DNS) is an important skill. This troubleshooting scenario is an opportunity to assess your skills in this area. In this hands-on lab, you are trapped in an escape room. To escape, you need to troubleshoot the networking issues so that you can connect to the jumpbox and access the escape room exit on the web server.

> **Note:** If you are completing this lab as part of the *Hands-On Network Troubleshooting with Azure Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS): An Escape Room Adventure* course, you will receive a key upon successful completion of this hands-on lab that you can use to unlock the door in the next hands-on lab in that course.

Learning Objectives

Successfully complete this lab by achieving the following learning objectives:

Confirm Virtual Network DNS Configuration
  1. Confirm the DNS configuration on the network interfaces is correct.
  2. Confirm the DNS configuration on the virtual networks is correct.
Confirm Private DNS Zone Configuration
  1. Confirm the private DNS zone lab.vnet is linked to the required virtual networks.
  2. Confirm the record sets in the private DNS zone lab.vnet are correct.
Connect to WebServer1 from JumpBox1
  1. Use Remote Desktop to connect to JumpBox1 using its public IP address.
  2. Use Microsoft Edge on JumpBox1 to connect to WebServer1 using the address http://escape.lab.vnet.

Additional Resources

Lab Setup

Log in to the Azure portal by selecting the option to open it in a new private browser window. (This option will read differently depending on your browser — for example, in Chrome, it reads Open Link in Incognito Window.) Then, sign in using the credentials provided on the lab page.

The objectives for this hands-on lab can be completed using the Azure portal and a Remote Desktop client:

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