Troubleshooting Kubernetes Scheduling

30 minutes
  • 2 Learning Objectives

About this Hands-on Lab

Scheduling is the process by which Kubernetes selects a Node to run a workload. This lab will allow you to get hands-on with Kubernetes scheduling by fixing a problem with a Deployment that isn’t scheduling properly.

Learning Objectives

Successfully complete this lab by achieving the following learning objectives:

Locate a Deployment with Pods That Are Not Scheduling

Find which Deployment is the cluster is having scheduling issues. All of the Deployments that you will need to check are in the default Namespace.

You can look at the status Deployments and/or look directly the status of Pods in order to find the issue.

Fix the Issue So That the Pods Can Schedule

Identify why the Deplyoment’s Pods are not scheduling and fix the issue.

Hint: You can use kubectl describe pod <Pod name> to get more information on a Pod, including useful information about its scheduling.

To edit the deployment, you can use the kubectl edit deployment <Deployment name> command, or you can use the appropriate Deployment manifest YAML file located in the home directory (/home/cloud_user).

There may be multiple ways to fix this issue. Any method that gets the Deployment’s Pods up and running is acceptable.

Additional Resources

Welcome to TortoiseCorp! We work to build the future of fruit, lettuce, and heat lamps.

We have some applications running in our Kubernetes cluster, but user reports are indicating that one of our apps is unavilable. It seems like something is not up and running as it should be, potentially due to a scheduling issue.

Your task is to log in to the cluster, identify the Deployment that has Pods that are not able to be scheduled, and fix the issue.

Unfortunately, we are not sure which Deployment is affected yet, so you will need to locate the broken Deployment.

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