Taking LXD Container Snapshots

15 minutes
  • 5 Learning Objectives

About this Hands-on Lab

One benefit Linux containers provide is the ability to quick spin up a number of containers. But from what are these containers based? LXD snapshots allow us to take point-in-time images of our containers and any work performed on these containers. In this lab, we take a preconfigured nginx-based web container and clone it to create the basis of a small web cluster.

Learning Objectives

Successfully complete this lab by achieving the following learning objectives:

Create a Snapshot

Take a snapshot of the web01 container:

lxc snapshot web01 1.0
Launch and Review the New Container

Launch the new container:

lxc copy web01/1.0 web02
lxc start web02

View the IPv4 address of the container and attempt to access a website:

lxc list
curl <ipv4>
Create a Second Snapshot

Update the web01 container so nginx starts at boot:

lxc exec web01 -- rc-update add nginx default

Take a new snapshot:

lxc snapshot web01 1.1
Relaunch and Review the `web02` Container

Remove the web02 container and relaunch it with the new snapshot:

lxc stop web02
lxc delete web02
lxc copy web01/1.1 web02
lxc start web02

Ensure nginx is working by running curl on the container’s IP:

lxc list
curl <ipv4>
Remove the Erroneous Snapshot

Remove the 1.0 snapshot:

lxc delete web01/1.0

Additional Resources

You have finished configuring a web container, web01, to use nginx on an Alpine Linux 3.11 host. Take a snapshot of this host, and launch a second, web02, container. Check that nginx on the new container is working.

Once the issue has been confirmed (nginx is not set to start at boot) update the web01 container with the fix and create a second snapshot. Remove web02, then recreate it with the new snapshot. Confirm nginx is working.

Once confirmed, remove the first snapshot.

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