Running Your First Docker Container

30 minutes
  • 5 Learning Objectives

About this Hands-on Lab

Welcome to your first challenge in *The Quest for More Yummies*. In this hands-on lab, we are tasked with preparing our environment for maximum snack acquisition for the people of SpaceBones by installing Docker and then acquiring images from DockerHub.

Learning Objectives

Successfully complete this lab by achieving the following learning objectives:

Install Docker from the Default CentOS 7 Repository

After logging into the server, install the latest version of Docker using yum:

sudo yum -y install docker
Set User Permissions

Drop down to root. Create a new group named docker, and then add the cloud_user user to the group.

Enable and Start Docker Service

Once installation completes, enable and start the service using systemd.

Log out of root and cloud_user, and then log back in:

ssh cloud_user@<PUBLIC IP>
Run the `hello-world` Container Image

After starting and enabling Docker, run the hello-world container image to verify installation.

Pull Images

After getting a valid return message from the hello-world image, pull the following images into your Docker repository to prepare for the next exercise.

  • 06kellyjac/nyancat
  • jeremy646/doge

Additional Resources

SpaceBones 2 - The Quest for More Yummies

Hello and welcome to your first challenge in The Quest for More Yummies. In this challenge, you are tasked with preparing your environment for maximum snack acquisition for the people of SpaceBones by installing docker, then acquiring the following images from DockerHub:

  • hello-world
  • 06kellyjac/nyancat
  • jeremy646/doge

Once the images have been downloaded, test your Docker installation by running the hello-world image. Don't forget to add correct permissions for the cloud_user user! cloud_user should be able to access Docker without using sudo. Good luck!

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