Reindexing and Updating Documents in Elasticsearch 7.13

2 hours
  • 2 Learning Objectives

About this Hands-on Lab

If you’ve already indexed a bunch of data into Elasticsearch and changed your mind on how you want it stored, then you don’t have to worry, because in this hands-on lab, you will get to use the reindex and update-by-query APIs in Elasticsearch to modify already ingested data.

Learning Objectives

Successfully complete this lab by achieving the following learning objectives:

Fix the Typo for the King Lear Play

From the Kibana console on the es1 node, update the shakespeare index to fix the misspelled "King Leer" play_name to "King Lear".

Copy the Shakespeare Index from the es1 Node to the Shakespeare Node

From the Kibana console on the shakespeare node, remote copy the shakespeare index from es1 to a local shakespeare index.

Additional Resources

You work as a research librarian who is aiding a class of literary students researching Shakespeare's works. You have successfully indexed Shakespeare's works to a development Elasticsearch cluster, and now you need to copy the data to the shakespeare node so the students can start working from it. But first, you need to fix a typo for the play "King Lear", which is currently misspelled as "King Leer".

Your es1 and shakespeare nodes have a Kibana instance, which can be accessed in your local web browser by navigating to the public IP address of either node (example: http://public_ip). To log in, use the elastic user with the password elastic_acg.

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