NFS: Working with Access Restrictions

15 minutes
  • 2 Learning Objectives

About this Hands-on Lab

Regardless of the purpose of a particular server, it needs to store data somewhere. It’s also often important to separate data from access where it’s not needed. For example, an NFS server that stores both database and website data. In this lab, you’ll be able to practice placing restrictions on what data is shared where.

Learning Objectives

Successfully complete this lab by achieving the following learning objectives:

Edit the exports file on the NFS server to match the changes required in the instructions.

The first thing to do is edit the /etc/exports file on the NFS server. Once we replace the *‘s in the file with the internal IP addresses of the respective servers, we can change the read/write settings as well. After saving that file, we need to unexport the current settings and then export the new ones.

Ensure that the new settings work as desired on the website and database servers.

On the web server, we need to mount the export as requested. Once that’s complete, we can start Apache. On the database server, we again need to mount the export as requested and start postgresql. We can also test from the database server to the website export to verify that we’re unable to mount it.

Additional Resources

You have just started working at DadCorp, a new startup providing a subscription service that emails dad jokes to customers. The majority of the data center is web servers containing the sign-up forms.

As part of DadCorp's NFS evaluation, the Security team raised a concern about the database servers and web servers having access to each other's information. You've been tasked with resolving that issue.

Take the preconfigured NFS server and set it up so that only the web server can access /storage/website and only the database server can access /storage/database. On the database server, the export should be mounted at /var/lib/pgsql, and on the web server, the export should be mounted at /var/www/html.

If you get stuck, feel free to check out the solution video or the detailed instructions under each objective. Good luck!

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