Managing User and Group Accounts

30 minutes
  • 4 Learning Objectives

About this Hands-on Lab

The ability to manage user accounts and group membership is a crucial tool in any system administrator’s box. In this hands-on lab, we will work with commands like `useradd`, `passwd`, `usermod`, `groupadd`, `groupmod` and `groupdel`. By the time we’re done, we will have a good grasp on how to use these tools for managing user accounts and groups on any Linux system.

Learning Objectives

Successfully complete this lab by achieving the following learning objectives:

Create a tester Group in the Reserved Range

Use the groupadd command with the -r option to create the group testers:

groupadd -r tester
Add the test1 User and Make Them a Member of the tester Group. Lock and unlock the test1 User, and Force them to Change their Password

Use the command useradd with the -G option to spection the tester group:

useradd -G tester test1

Set a temporary password (that the user will have to change the first time they log in):

echo Temp@$$ | passwd --stdin test1

We could also set one manually by just running passwd test1 and typing/confirming a password by hand.

Lock and unlock the account using the usermod command.

usermod -L test1
tail -n1 /etc/passwd /etc/shadow
usermod -U test1

We can run tail -n1 /etc/passwd /etc/shadow to see if it got set.

And to make test1 change their password on the next login, run:

chage -d0 test1

Verify the account and groups using the id command.

id test1
Modify cloud_user to Add Secondary Membership in tester Group

Use the usermod command with the -aG options to add cloud_user to the tester group:

usermod -aG tester cloud_user

We can run id cloud_user to check our work and see if the user is in the group now.

Create the /usr/local/test_scripts Directory Owned by cloud_user and Set GID Permission for the testers Group with No Access to Others

Create the directory:

mkdir /usr/local/test_scripts

Make sure it’s owned by cloud_user, and the tester group:

chown cloud_user:tester /usr/local/test_scripts

Give the group write permissions, and revoke any permissions from anyone else:

chmod g+ws,o-rx /usr/local/test_scripts

As a best practice, verify your work. Become the new user, get into the new directory, and create a couple things to look at:

su - test1
cd /usr/local/test_scripts
mkdir dir1
touch file1
ls -l

Additional Resources

Our organization is preparing to create and test some scripts. The lead Administrator has assigned us the task of organizing this information by creating the /usr/local/test_scripts directory, a group named tester, and a user named test1, who is to be a member of the tester group. This directory is to use the setgid permission, so that all files created in this directory will be automatically owned by the tester group.

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