Manage Active Directory Domain Services Users and Groups

45 minutes
  • 4 Learning Objectives

About this Hands-on Lab

In this lab, you will use a basic Active Directory Domain Services setup to simulate a domain. Using the administrative tools available, you will then work through the common actions associated with user and group functions, such as adding users and groups, modifying memberships, nesting groups, and even deleting and restoring user objects.

Learning Objectives

Successfully complete this lab by achieving the following learning objectives:

Create Users and Groups
  • Launch the Active Directory Admin Center and create six unique users with the following criteria:

    • Two with the suffix -ea
    • Two with the suffix -da
    • Two without any suffixes
  • Using the ADAC, also create the following types of groups:

    • Domain local
    • Global
    • Universal
  • Move all of the newly created users and groups to the Users folder.

Modify Group Memberships
  • Add -ea users into the Enterprise Admins universal group and newly created universal group.
  • Add -da users into the Domain Admins global group and newly created global group.
  • Add non-suffix users into the domain local group.
Review Nesting Groups

Attempt the following actions:

  • Global group into the universal group
  • Global group into the domain local group
  • Universal group into the domain local group
  • Universal group into the global group
  • Domain local group into the universal group
  • Domain local group into the global group
Review Advanced Features
  • Reveal your PowerShell history.
  • Set a new password for a user and require them to change it on their next logon.
  • Set a user account to expire 30 days from the date you are doing this lab.
  • Delete a user and restore the user using the Recycle Bin.

Additional Resources

Welcome to Fiji! Our company, Sand, Sun, and Oddly Networking, Inc., is a global chain of luxury hotels that specializes in tropic locations. Given the move to remote working, they have recently been upgrading their existing IT environment, and need help creating an Active Directory forest. You have been tasked with setting up some core user accounts and groups that will be needed both for the enterprise and the domain. In this hands-on lab, you will log in to an Active Directory Domain using Domain Desktop Experience and begin creating users and groups.

In this lab, you will be working with Azure Virtual Machines. Make note of the private and public IPs, as well as the login credentials for the virtual machine. If the lab times out, make sure to close out and start from scratch.

A virtual machine will already be deployed with the requisite setup and tools. If you get stuck, feel free to check out the lab objectives or the solution video. Good luck!

WARNING: Be Prepared for UI Changes

Given the fluid nature of Microsoft's cloud tools, students may experience user interface (UI) changes that were made following the development of this hands-on lab that do not match up with the lab instructions. When any such changes are brought to our attention, we will attempt to update the content accordingly. However, if changes occur, students will have to adapt to the changes and work through them in the hands-on labs as needed.

What are Hands-on Labs

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