Linux User Management: Modifying User Settings and Removing Groups

15 minutes
  • 6 Learning Objectives

About this Hands-on Lab

Managing users and groups is an essential part of administering a Linux system. Users and groups are responsible for managing all activity on the server from `root`, to service accounts, to regular user accounts. In this lab, students will practice changing user settings such as the user shell, home directory, and group.

Learning Objectives

Successfully complete this lab by achieving the following learning objectives:

Use sudo to Gain root Access
# sudo -i
Change the dbadmin User’s Default Shell to Prevent the User from Logging In
# usermod -s /sbin/nologin dbadmin
Check to See If the dba Group Exists. If It Does Not Exist, Create the dba Group. Change the dbadmin User’s Primary Group to dba
# grep dbadmin /etc/group
# groupadd dba
# usermod -g dba dbadmin
Set /dba as the Users Home Directory. If the Directory Does Not Exist, Create It
# ls -al /
# mkdir /dba
# chown dbadmin:dba /dba
# chmod 740 /dba
# cp /home/dbadmin/.bash* /dba
# usermod -d /dba dbadmin
Verify the New User Settings: For User dbadmin, the Group Should Be Set to dba, the Home Directory Should Be Set to /dba, and the Shell Should Be Set to /sbin/nologin
# grep dbadmin /etc/passwd
# grep <GID for dbadmin from /etc/passwd> /etc/group
Remove the Old Home Directory, /home/dbadmin. Check to See If Any Users Are Still Members of the Old Group, dbadmin. If Not, Remove the Old Group
# rm -R /home/dbadmin
# grep dbadmin /etc/group
# grep 1004 /etc/passwd
# groupdel dbadmin

Additional Resources

The database team at ABC Company has asked us to change a few settings for the user dbadmin. The request states that the user dbadmin:

  • Should not be able to log in to the system
  • Should belong to the dba group
  • Has a home directory should be set to /dba

    Please use the lab environment for this exercise, and not the Cloud Playground. To gain root access, log into the lab environment with the cloud_user account and issue sudo -i.

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