Linux User Management: Configuring Password Aging

15 minutes
  • 4 Learning Objectives

About this Hands-on Lab

Systems administrators are responsible for keeping systems secure and safe from hackers. Part of this process is enabling password restrictions, so that users are forced to change their password on a regular basis. In this lab, we will learn to set password restrictions for Linux users. We will set passwords to warn users of required password changes 7 days in advance, require password changes every 30 days, and lock the passwords after 60 days of account inactivity.

Learning Objectives

Successfully complete this lab by achieving the following learning objectives:

List the User Account Aging Information for the cloud_user User Account
chage -l cloud_user
Give the user 7 days warning that a password change is equired

This is set by default, so no changes are needed.

Set the Maximum Days between Password Changes to 30 Days
chage -M 30 cloud_user
Set the Account to Lock upon 60 Days of Inactivity after a Password Has Expired
chage -I 60 cloud_user

Additional Resources

The security team for ABC company would like to enable password restrictions for a group of offshore consultants on a special project. They have asked you, as the systems administrator, to test the changes on the cloud_user user to verify the changes can be made.

Then set up the following password restrictions for the cloud_user user account:

  • Give the user 7 days warning that a password change is required.
  • Set the account to lock upon 60 days of inactivity after a password has expired
  • Set the maximum days between password changes to 30.

Please use the lab environment for this exercise, and not the Cloud Playground. To gain root access, log into the lab environment with the cloud_user account and issue sudo -i.

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