Installing PowerShell for Linux

15 minutes
  • 2 Learning Objectives

About this Hands-on Lab

In this lab, you’ll be installing PowerShell from the Linux terminal. Once PowerShell is installed, it is interchangeable with Bash at the Terminal prompt. Knowing how to install PowerShell quickly will enable you to work with Windows, Linux, and Mac OS systems across your enterprise and even in the cloud.

Learning Objectives

Successfully complete this lab by achieving the following learning objectives:

Perform a system update and install PowerShell using Snap
  1. Use the apt-get command to sync the package index files from their sources via the Internet:

    sudo apt-get update
  2. Use the apt-get command to install the newest versions of all installed packages on Ubuntu:

    sudo apt-get upgrade
  3. Install PowerShell using snap:

    sudo snap install powershell --classic
Verify which version of PowerShell is installed and run some basic cmdlets
  1. Verify which version of PowerShell is currently installed:
  2. Get the name of the directory you are currently in:
  3. Get a listing of all files (if there are any) in the directory you are currently in:

Additional Resources

In order to get used to installing PowerShell, you decide to open up a terminal session, perform a system update, install PowerShell, and practice with some common PowerShell cmdlets.

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