Installing Git and Configuring it for Local Repositories

30 minutes
  • 2 Learning Objectives

About this Hands-on Lab

Although installing the `git` source control package on any distribution is trivial, there is more to using it for source control on your local system than that. In this activity, the student will install Git, but will also set a few key parameters that will allow any changes to be identified with the user making them. At the end of this exercise, the student will understand the key global and local values that can be set in your Git configuration.

Learning Objectives

Successfully complete this lab by achieving the following learning objectives:

Global Configuration File for Git Created

All of the settings that have been asked for were asked to be ‘global’ in scope. That requires the existence of a file called /home/cloud_user/.gitconfig where they will be stored.

Global Settings Have Been Applied

The student will need to create the git configuration settings for ‘’, ‘’ and ‘core.editor’ within the global configuration file of /home/cloud_user/.gitconfig. You will need to do that following the example below:

    name = cloud_user    
    email = clo[email protected]    

    editor = /usr/bin/vi  

Additional Resources

The development team in your organization is beginning work on a new development project. Traditionally small, your team has grown to the point where they feel they need to use a source control and versioning repository and Git has been chosen.

Since they are new to Git, you have been provided credentials and access to their intended source control server and have been asked to set the default global configuration keys for it. They may decide to tie this to a remote repository in the future, however, for now this will remain local.

You are asked to configure all settings globally for now, including the user (cloud_user) and email ( The local editor of choice will be 'vi' for editing files. Once you have this configuration in place, you can turn it over for their use.

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