Exploring Emacs Navigation

10 minutes
  • 4 Learning Objectives

About this Hands-on Lab

In this lab, you will be opening a file in Emacs and navigating a buffer by various Emacs keys and using a search function. In addition, you will select a region of text within a buffer. Basic knowledge of opening files, along with searching and moving in Emacs, is recommended. Upon completing this lab, you will know how to open a file in Emacs, use basic navigation keys to move around a buffer, search text, and select a region of text.

Learning Objectives

Successfully complete this lab by achieving the following learning objectives:

Open the File /tmp/emacs_navigation
  • Start Emacs
  • Using Emacs, open the file /tmp/emacs_navigation.
Test Emacs Movement
  • Jump to the end of the buffer.
  • Jump to the start of the buffer.
  • Move by word to the end of the first sentence in the buffer.
  • Jump to the beginning of the first sentence in the buffer.
Test Emacs Incremental Search
  • Use incremental search to find the phrase "Hello Gurus".
Test Emacs Region Selection
  • Select all the text that follows the phrase "Hello Gurus".

Additional Resources

You have been approached by a colleague with a problem. They have stated that when they are using Emacs, they are having trouble moving around and selecting text once they open a file into a buffer. They would like you to try and recreate the problem.

The collegue would like you to open the file /tmp/emacs_navigation using Emacs. After opening the file, you will need to recreate their movement commands to verify they are working or not working properly. The movement test will consist of jumping to the bottom and top of the buffer, moving by word, and jumping to the start of a line.

Next, you will need to test the incremental search function in Emacs. Use incremental search to find the phrase "Hello Gurus". Upon locating the phrase, select all the text that follows the phrase.

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