Establishing a Developer App for Apigee

30 minutes
  • 3 Learning Objectives

About this Hands-on Lab

Apigee is a full-featured API management platform. As such, it has the ability to create not only API proxies, but also the entire eco-system needed to support, test, and access proxies. Part of the ecosystem are the apps that will consume an API through the proxy. These apps do not connect directly to the proxy, however. Rather, an API product bundles one or more API proxies, and apps connect to the API product. In this hands-on lab, we will set up an app and the related components: the API product and the app developer.

Learning Objectives

Successfully complete this lab by achieving the following learning objectives:

Create an API Product
  1. On the Apigee dashboard page, click API Products.
  2. Click + API Product.
  3. In the Product Details section of the New Product page, configure the following:
    • Name: LA-Weather-Product
    • Display Name: LA Weather Product
    • In the Environment section, check the prod and test options.
    • In the Access dropdown, select Public.
  4. In the API resources section, click Add a proxy, and select LA-Weather.
  5. Click Add (1).
  6. Click Save.
Register a Developer
  1. In the side navigation menu, choose Publish > Developers.
  2. On the Developers page, click + Developer.
  3. In the Create Developer section, enter the following information:
    • First Name: Pat
    • Last Name: Patterson
    • Username: ppatterson123
    • Email:
  4. Click Create.
Add an App
  1. In the side navigation menu, choose Publish > Apps.
  2. On the Developers page, click + App.
  3. In the Create Developer section, enter the following information:
    • Name: LA Weather App
    • Display Name: LA Weather App
  4. Select the Developer option.
  5. Click into the Developer dropdown, and select Pat Patterson from the list.
  6. Make sure the Expiry option in the Credentials section is set to Never.
  7. In the Product section, click Add product.
  8. In the Add product dialog, select LA Weather Product, and click Add (1).
  9. Click Create.
  10. In the new Credentials section, next to Key, click Show to reveal the new API key for the product.

Additional Resources

Your API proxy is ready for testing, so you've been asked to set up an app that can securely access the proxy. You know that establishing such an app requires additional elements, including a developer and an API product. You begin creating the necessary components with the goal of registering the app and generating a custom API key.

You’ll need to complete the following steps to accomplish your task:

  1. Create an API product for your API proxy.
  2. Register a developer.
  3. Register an app assigned to the developer.
  4. Grant the app access to the API product.

Please note: There are several prerequisites for this hands-on lab:

  1. You must have an Apigee account.
  2. You must have completed the following hands-on labs: Creating an Apigee API Proxy and Testing an API Proxy.
  3. Optionally, you should have registered for an API key with

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