Essential Source Control with Git

30 minutes
  • 5 Learning Objectives

About this Hands-on Lab

With the prevalence of modern DevOps culture, it is essential for almost any IT professional to have a basic understanding of source control. This activity walks through the basics of using the popular tool, Git, for source control.

Learning Objectives

Successfully complete this lab by achieving the following learning objectives:

Install and Configure Git on a Workstation

Run the following commands on the workstation host, providing your name and email address:

  • sudo yum install git
  • Accept the prompt to download and install packages.
  • git config --global
  • git config --global John
Clone the “Source Unchained” Repository from ** to `/home/cloud_user/play` and Add a New Branch for Your Story

Run the following commands:

  • git clone /home/cloud_user/play
  • cd /home/cloud_user/play
  • git branch john-story
Add a New Story File to the Play Files and Track It in Source Control
  1. Switch to your new branch

    • git checkout john-story
  2. Create a new file (for example, story.txt) with some sample content.

    • vim /home/cloud_user/play/johns-story.txt
  3. Add the file to the repository by running the following:

    • Note: Make sure you are in the repository directory (assuming the filename johns-story.txt).
    • cd /home/cloud_user/play
    • git add johns-story.txt
Add an Entry to the File `contributers.txt`

Starting in the directory /home/cloud_user/play:

  1. Edit contributers.txt to add an entry for yourself

    • vim contributers.txt
  2. You will need to let git know to track the change you made by running the following:

    • git add contributers.txt
Commit Your Changes Using the Message “airplane story”

Run git commit -m "airplane story" from the directory /home/cloud_user/play.

Additional Resources

While traveling, you meet an IT professional who writes plays in their spare time. They are working on a play that really resonates with you—Source Unchained. Part of the concept of the play is that it is open source. After a spirited discussion on your flight, they tell you about the repository where the play is kept and encourage you to get involved. To contribute, you will first need to install Git and configure it with your name and email address. Once that is done, you need to pull down the repository into /home/cloud_user/play/ on the provided workstation host. Create a new branch named after your first name to begin your piece of the story. Create a new text file with your story and add it to the branch. Also, add your name to the contributers.txt file within your branch. Be sure to track your work with git and commit your changes to your local repository and use the commit message "airplane story" so your travel buddy will remember who you are!

Summary tasks list:

  • Install and configure git on the provided workstation.
  • Clone the Source Unchained repository to /home/cloud_user/play and create a new branch for your story.
  • Add a new story file to your local repository in your new branch.
  • Add an entry to the file contributers.txt in your new branch.
  • Commit your changes using the message "airplane story".

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